Book Editing 2.0

Many of you know that my latest book project is Law Libraries in the Digital Age for Scarecrow Press. This is going to be a very large volume with nearly 30 chapters. I have a set of exceptionally talented law librarians contributing the chapters, some of which are co-authored which means over 30 participating writers. To organize all of this, I’ve been relying heavily on today’s best social media networks and applications to help me keep this initiative on track. I thought I’d share what I’m doing in case it’s helpful for future editors or project organizers.

Facebook Pages – I created a Law Libraries in the Digital Age Facebook Page as a home base for the book project where people can find out more about what the volume is about, who’s involved, and “Like” it to receive news updates.

Facebook Notes – I posted the Call for Contributors on Facebook as a Facebook Note authored by the Law Libraries in the Digital Age Facebook Page .

Wufoo Forms – I used these fantastic (and free!) forms to collect applications for participation in the project. I had potential authors indicate not only their current info and past writing experience, but also indicate which chapters they would be interested in writing.

MailChimp Mailing Lists - MailChimp allows you to create mailing lists of up to 2,000 people for free, and to send out up to 12,000 emails per month. I’m organizing the list of 30+ authors in this easy-to-use program to communicate with them.

Facebook Groups – I plan to create a Facebook Group once all the authors are on board where they can share their outlines to make sure there’s not a lot of overlap between chapters.

Dropbox - I’m not only using Dropbox to back everything up, but creating individual folders where authors can share their documents and images with me instead of emailing.

Blogs - I’m blogging about the Law Libraries in the Digital Age during every stage of the process, not only to let people know about the process, but also to spread the word about the book.

Twitter - I’ve been using Twitter to announce each author as they come on board, as well as announcing them on the Facebook Page. I imagine I’ll be using this tool more as the process continues.