Amazon, Overdrive, and Other Reasons to Be Pissed

Andy Woodworth at Agnostic, Maybe has written a great article about the Overdrive-Amazon e-book arrangement and the reactions in the biblio-blogosphere titled Amazon, Overdrive, and Other Reasons to Be Pissed. This insightful article offers the author’s own take on the situation and does a great job of summarizing other librarians’ viewpoints as well. Here’s just the first paragraph:

“Amazon and Overdrive are back in the online librarian conversation (again), this time lead off by a video rant by Sarah Houghton along with posts by David Lee King and the Annoyed Librarian. (There was a post by Bobbi Newman on the topic about a month ago when it first came out as well as my own take.) It’s being described by such terms like screwing, sucking, and other terms to make some conservative filtering software blush. “