Ad:Tech NY Conference Presentations


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the Ad:Tech interactive marketing conference here in NYC. The conference had a lot of very timely sessions focusing on how new social software tools are being used as marketing vehicles by companies and organizations.

Two sessions in particular stood out for me, one of which was “Social Media and Consumer Generated Content: Has a Value Proposition Emerged?” which featured representatives from Fox Interactive Media, Coca-Cola,, and Digitas, each discussing their latest marketing efforts with social media and applications such as MySpace. The other was “The Online Female Consumer” which talked about women as a coveted target audience because of their zealous consumption of not only products and services but experiences and information. For the session, they brought in a panel of 3 women who were not tech or marketing experts but actual consumers who talked about their online behavior.

But now you can also check out what Ad:Tech had to offer by accessing their conference presentations which have been uploaded to their website. These are a few of the presentations you’ll find:

  • SEO Workshop
  • The Podosphere: Everything You Need to Know for Success in One Hour
  • Tracking the Elusive Consumer: Designing Media Engagement to Drive Performance and ROI
  • TV 3.0
  • Web 2.0 Meets Thunderdome
  • Tales from the Bleeding Edge
  • Tactical Search: Local and Mobile Search Strategies