A Quick Guide to Second Life for Librarians


Ohio University Campus

Second Life is a massive virtual world with many opportunities for learning and entertainment. Over 60 colleges and universities have a virtual presence there, and are joined by more than 500 librarians. If you are just starting out in this MMOG (massively multiplayer online game), this guide should get you up and running. Follow the SLURLs (Second Life URLs) by clicking or pasting them into your browser’s address bar and then clicking the “teleport now” button on the page to go to that location, (note: you will need to have established a SL account first & have the program installed).

Library Sites in Second Life

These sites are the 12 islands of the Alliance Library System which make up the Info Archipelago:

Places to Learn about Second Life
(building, working with prims, etc.)

Here are some sites to visit when you’re ready to learn how to build the world around you.

Sights to See

SL Blogs

SL Educational Resources

Videos of Second Life

Key Terminology