A Librarian’s Guide to Webcast Wrangling

Nikki Dettmar, Education and Assessment Coordinator at the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region offers some great tips on webcasting in A Librarian’s Guide to Webcast Wrangling. I especially appreciated her comment that silence does not necessarily indicate disinterest during a webcast. I think that it’s particularly challenging when you’re speaking to an audience you cannot see, so you can’t judge how you’re doing by people’s expressions. But it’s so true that people wouldn’t be logged in and listening if they weren’t interested. I would only add one more tip to this list and that is to bear in mind the variation in quality/speed of Internet connections out there when preparing. I find it better to limit what I demo live and instead include screenshots for many websites and videos because there is a definite lag time for most people when you’re sharing your desktop.