A Librarian’s Guide to Space Tourism – 32 Resources


There has been a lot in the news this year about the burgeoning space tourism industry.  Much of what used to be purely science fiction has now become a reality and today everyday citizens can take a trip to outer space…for a price.

And that price has come down substantially since Dennis Tito, the world’s first space tourist coughed up $20 million for an eight-day trip to the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in 2001. Today, a Virgin Galactic ticket for a seat on board SpaceShipTwo will set you back $250,000 for a suborbital flight.  So far nearly 600 people have put down deposits.  Alternatively, XCor is offering suborbital flights aboard the Lynx for $95,000 per flight, including medical screening and G-Force training.  And if you’re looking for something more long-lasting, you might apply to become one of the first inhabitants of the Red Planet within a permanent human settlement on Mars planned for 2023.

The first thing I thought about when I started reading about all of this was…do they need librarians?!


If you’re just getting caught up on the latest in space tourism, here are 32 resources to get you started:


  1. How Space Tourism Works – HowStuffWorks
  2. Space tourism industry seeks new heights – Daily Breeze
  3. How Space Tourism Could Help Save Planet Earth – Space.com
  4. Virgin Galactic Pulls Off First Successful Rocket-Powered Flight – Gawker
  5. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Makes First Powered Test Flight – Huffington Post
  6. Justin Bieber Is Going to Space – Mashable
  7. Private Spaceships for Space Tourists to Launch Big Test Flights – Space.com
  8. Millionaire Space Tourist Reportedly Planning Mars Trip – Mashable
  9. The Engadget Interview: Sir Richard Branson on Virgin Galactic and space tourism for the everyman – Engadget
  10. Space tourism industry faces safety concerns – CBC News
  11. Private Moon Travel Startup Launches Crowdfunding Campaign – Mashable
  12. Space industry gears up crew training – AOPA
  13. Axe Body Spray Will Send 22 People to Space – Mashable
  14. Way, Way, Way Over the Rainbow: Space Travel -  Huffington Post
  15. Space Tourism Society
  16. Space Tourism News


  18. The Evolution of Space Tourism
  19. Space Toursim Pinterest Board

    Space Tourism Pioneers

  21. Virgin Galactic
  22. XCOR Aerospace
  23. TSC – The Spaceship Company
  24. Space Adventures
  25. Spaceport America

    The Colonization of Mars


  27. Mars One
  28. Private Mars colony won’t seek life on Red Planet – Fox News
  29. Life on Mars to become a reality in 2023, Dutch firm claims – The Guardian
  30. 78,000 Apply for Private Mars Colony Project In 2 Weeks – Space.com
  31. The Call of Mars (by Buzz Aldrin) – The New York Times
  32. Buzz Aldrin calls for US colony on Mars – France 24
  33. Mars is no place for children – yet – Science
  34. Colonization of Mars – Wikipedia
  35. The Mars Foundation