7 Things Librarians Are Tired of Hearing

We’ve all heard them. Probably more than once or twice. These are the reactions and responses librarians receive when they introduce themselves to those who aren’t in the field.

1) “Do people still even go to the library now that there’s Google?”

It’s amazing how many people respond this way when I tell them I’m a librarian. I assure them however, that we are somehow soldiering on in the library field, along with all of the doctors who are still attempting to stay relevant in spite of WebMD.

2) “So, are you like, a volunteer?” Usually followed up with “What? You need to have a Master’s degree to be a librarian?!!”

Nearly everyone I’ve ever met has been astounded that librarians hold advanced degrees.

3) “But isn’t print dead at this point?”

Yes, this is still a thing people are saying.


4) “You’re a librarian? That’s so hot!”

I have no words.


5) “That must be great to just be able to read all day.”

Translation: “That’s cute”.

6) “So you, like, get to shush people all day?”

Yes, that is our number one job responsibility.


7) “Well what do you think the future is for libraries?  I have a theory…”

For some reason when you tell someone you’re a librarian, they suddenly become a futurist and want to share with you the direction that your field will surely be taking in the not-too-distant future. This is all based on extensive research of course…most likely conducted on Google (see point 1).