6 Podcasting Tips From the Pros

Cindy King at the Social Media Examiner offers 6 Podcasting Tips From the Pros. These are all great tips from very knowledgeable podcasters, the only one I might add would be: #7 Offer Engaging Content. And this, I think is where libraries can really shine because we have a lot of valuable content to offer. I actually just mentioned the Library of Congress’s fantastic, educational podcasts created from their oral histories collections in a presentation I was giving earlier today.

  • #1: Find Out the Percentage of Your Audience Using Smartphones
  • #2: Create Valuable Conversations for Your Niche
  • #3: Use an Authentic Voice
  • #4: Listen to Your Audience
  • #5: Address the Struggles of Your Target Customer
  • #6: Bring New Voices to Podcasts