6 Great Resources to Reinvent Your Career, Yourself

Librarianship is a second-act career for most of us, but it’s not the only path available.  If you’re stuck in a career rut and thinking about striking out in a different direction, check out these stellar websites to help you find your way.

1) HuffPost Reinvention


The Huffington post has a robust corner of their website focusing only on reinvention stories.  These articles are truly inspirational.  Find out how to make doing what you love work for you and your career.

2) Live Your Legend


This website community is dedicated to the exploration and discovery of the work that makes you the most happy and alive through free resources, advice, and inspirational articles.  Geared toward people of all ages.


3) More’s Second Acts


More magazine has an entire section of their website dedicated to stories of reinvention at all ages.  Learn how women in their 30′s, 40′s, and 50′s reignited their passion for their careers.


4) Life Reimagined


This website is all about personal change and growth.  It’s a part of AARP, but there’s something here for everyone.  Take the Life Checkup test to see where you stand and gain insight into what kind of change would make you the most happy.  Explore possibilities for change and create a network of 6 friends from which to gain feedback and advice.


5) Next Avenue

This reinvention site by PBS is billed as “Where Grown-ups Keep Growing”.  It’s filled with useful resources and articles on careers and living as well as money and health. Articles cover topics such as starting a business in midlife, working after retirement, and LinkedIn endorsements.


6) The Good Life Project


This is a Web series project run by entrepreneur Jonathan Fields.  The show interviews thought leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, authors, and influencers resulting in inspirational stories and conversations.  If you’re looking for ideas and sparks of inspiration, this should be one of your stops.