50 Library Stories You May Have Missed in July


Library stories and news articles flourished this summer including these fifty resources discussing everything from Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited service to librarian salaries, to 3D printing.  Whether you’re just getting caught up on your reading or want to refresh your memory, here’s what was written last month:

  1. How to Create a Video Press Release for Your Library with Adobe Voice
  2. 4 Great iPad Apps for Creating Educational Videos
  3. 16 Conference Networking Tips for Educators and Librarians
  4. What Happens if Your Library Systems Go Down?
  5. 15 Perfect Etsy Gifts for Librarians
  6. Trashy, Crafty, & Literary: Upcycling for the Win!
  7. LJ Salary Survey 2014
  8. Johnson County’s Human Face of the Library
  9. Flipping the LIS Classroom
  10. Making Room for Community
  11. 3D printing and libraries: Facilitating access for the next essential service
  12. Ebook strategies for librarians and publishers
  13. Libraries as publishers
  14. Infographic on ebook piracy
  15. Seven surprises about libraries in the Pew surveys
  16. 30 vintage photos of people in libraries
  17. 60 articles retracted in peer review and citation ring
  18. Librarians and censorship
  19. Will the maker movement infiltrate mainstream classrooms?
  20. A debate over Amazon.com at NYPL
  21. The rise in digital pricing
  22. London’s book benches
  23. Gamification of Summer Reading
  24. Fold, flap, peek, pull, pop
  25. Building a solid genealogy library
  26. A drone’s-eye view of the NYPL book sorter
  27. The library: Not a Netflix for books
  28. Mass digitization and the HathiTrust decision
  29. Librarians in science fiction and fantasy
  30. Get ready now for Banned Books Week
  31. The Wikipedia Library Project
  32. “Mostly Lost” at the Library of Congress
  33. Beyond the book brand
  34. Engineering students create Bed Bug Box for libraries
  35. Amazon Unlimited
  36. Should you get Kindle Unlimited?
  37. DPLA and the promise of libraries as platforms
  38. In defense of NYPL’s summer reading list for kids
  39. Around the world in 80+ children’s books
  40. Bookish shoes for literary feet
  41. The varied life of an academic librarian
  42. So you want to be an academic military librarian?
  43. Five ways libraries are using Instagram
  44. Research on school libraries and student success
  45. Academic librarians and tenure
  46. 12 resources for word nerds
  47. Unusual collections
  48. 21st Century Librarians Make Allies of the Press
  49. The low-tech appeal of Little Free Libraries
  50. 11 University and Library Groups Release Net-Neutrality Principles

Many of these articles and blog posts came from the amazing AL Direct electronic newsletter.