5 Ways to Set Up A Free Personal Landing Page in 5 Minutes

Unless you graduated from one of the best online graphic design programs, you might need some assistance when it comes to Web design. Each of these free services allows you to create beautiful, yet simple personal websites which aggregate all your social media profiles, biographical info, photos, and more in one place in a matter of minutes. No tech skills required!! If you’d like to have your own personal landing page where you can send potential employers, clients, or even friends, check out these five websites:


Create a quick and attractive personal landing page with the free Flavors.me service. Choose from 4 different layout styles, upload a background image, and integrate your social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr, right into your page. The only thing the free version of this tool is missing is the Contact form.



This personal splash page is very similar to Flavors.me with a few key differences. About.me creates social media buttons for each social media profile you integrate, however it does not output the feed or any other information from the services as Flavors does. However, the prominent “Email Me” button on this landing page is much appreciated, as are the easy to view visitor statistics.






Carbonmade is a free portfolio which is geared toward artists, graphic designers, and illustrators. It is a slick and glossy online portfolio where you can highlight your work through beautiful slideshow galleries. Each website is made up of two sections, one for the visual display of your projects and work, and an About section.



Magnt is a straightforward personal landing page, almost exactly like Flavors.me and About.me. In the same way, social media accounts can be added, fonts and colors customized, and there are even a few background themes to choose from.



Create your own infographic!!! Visualize.me syncs with your LinkedIn account to create a stunning infographic of your experience, education, and skills. You can customize how much or how little is displayed within the easy editing interface. Fonts, colors, and backgrounds are all editable as well. Each position and educational entry can be moused-over to view the full job/school description that is found on LinkedIn.