5 Amazing Free Data Visualization Tools

Want to create your own maps, graphs, charts, and diagrams but don’t have the software or graphic design degree to do it? Here are five top-notch applications which will let you create professional quality data visualizations for free.

Stat Planet

Used by the UN, NASA, and many Fortune 500 companies, Stat Planet will let you create customizable, interactive maps or graphs with data you import. Check out some of these amazing examples!!


Gunn Map 2

Gunn Map 2 is a completely online application which also lets you create customizable maps with your own data. Watch this quick video to discover how to create your own maps in under 2 minutes!!


Many Eyes

Many Eyes is an online application by IBM which will let you upload data sets and create stunning visualizations with ease including bubble, bar, pie, and matrix charts, network diagrams, tree maps, word trees, tag clouds, world, country, county, and neighborhood maps, and line and stack graphs.



Gliffy provides pre-built templates to help you create incredibly professional-looking diagrams including: Flow Charts, Network diagrams, Floor plans, Org charts, Venn diagrams, SWOT analysis, Wireframes, Site maps, UML, Business process modeling, Technical drawings. The free version allows users to create 5 diagrams.



The free version of Creately enables users to design and store 5 diagrams which can include Venn diagrams, UI & Web mockups, Flowcharts, Organizational charts, UML diagrams, Mind maps, Network plans, SWOT analysis, Value stream maps, TQM diagrams and more.