44 Library Tech Stories You May Have Missed – Part II

Here are the final 22 library technology stories you won’t want to miss. Be sure and check out Part I as well!


  1. Libraries, Patrons, and e-Books
  2. Ebooks Choices and the Soul of Librarianship
  3. e-Book Options for Libraries
  4. A Digital Dilemma: Ebooks and Users’ Rights
  5. JISC Study on the Challenge of e-Books in Academic Institutions
  6. Navigating the Ebook Revolution
  7. Library Patrons Want E-Books Over Every Other Downloadable Media


  9. Digital Preservation in a Box – Have a Look Inside!
  10. 13 Challenges to Web Preservation


  12. Applying Game Dynamics to Library Services
  13. Demystifying the Library with Game-Based Mobile Learning


  15. iLibrarian Reaches 2,000 Posts!!
  16. The Tech Set #11-20 Published!

    Miscellaneous Tech

  18. How to Solve Impossible Search Problems
  19. 7 Things Library Customers Want NOW
  20. 25 Libraries To Follow on Pinterest
  21. A Librarian’s Guide to 15 Personal Branding and Reputation Management Resources
  22. Technology Solutions Planning in Libraries: iLibrarian Series
  23. Guest Post: How Libraries Can Benefit From Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  24. New Creative Commons License Chooser
  25. The 7 Best Open Government Sites
  26. Makerspaces, Participatory Learning, and Libraries