4 Analytics Tools Librarians Should Know About

Analytics tools are an invaluable way to show the ROI of marketing campaigns, popularity and usability of website content, value of blog posts, social media influence, and much more. If you haven’t been taking advantage of these free analytics tools for your library or organization, here’s your chance to check them out.

Facebook Insights

Libraries with Facebook Pages can view their reach, number of engaged users, and a number of people talking about each and every one of their status updates through Facebook Insights. This handy tool is built right into Facebook Pages’ functionality and allows you to view the virality of each of your posts as well as export all of your analytics.


Google Analytics

With this amazingly free tool, you can access robust reports indicating the total number of visitors to your website, their demographic, browser, and engagement information. You can see where your visitors are coming from including which country, but also what the referring website was that led them to your site. New Social Reports offer insight into your social media influence.



Similar to Google Analytics, this free tool provides a quick snapshot of traffic to your website. You can view your visitors over the past 7 days, month, or year, analyze the last 100 referring urls showing what websites your visitors came from, as well as get information about page views.


Social Mention

Search this social media mega-engine to gauge the sentiment, reach, top users, and mentions of your organization. You can easily see which keywords are most often associated with your library, as well as access articles and blog posts that are talking about it. Easily export all of your statistics in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or csv file.