38 Library Stories You May Have Missed in March

March was filled with library articles, blog posts, and infographics discussing everything from eBooks, wearable technology, and apps to comic books.  I’m looking forward to reading about libraians at SXSW and how to throw a Divergent party.  If you want to catch up on your library-related news and reading, here are 38 great stories to get you up to speed.

  1. Georgia Tech Study Reveals Copyright Complexities, Social Norms in Online Media Creation
  2. How to Create Library (or any other) Floor Plans
  3. 35 Library Stories You May Have Missed in February
  4. 6 Abandoned Libraries
  5. 6 Great Resources to Reinvent Your Career, Yourself
  6. The Very Best Book, Comics, and Manga Apps: Our Top 23 Picks
  7. 12 Free Essential Apps for College Grads
  8. Google Glass Still Needs a Killer App
  9. The sorry state of ebook search results
  10. Chat Reference Tip: Sharing Permanent URLs for Searches
  11. Libraries & Librarians as Major Players in Tech at SXSWi
  12. Revisiting Book Tasting to Support Readers
  13. New Report Hails Librarians as Drivers of Digital Transition
  14. YA Lit Characters on Pinterest
  15. What do Americans say about public libraries?
  16. Competency Index for the Library Field
  17. What it’s like to work full time in library school
  18. Ten conference tips for a first-timer
  19. Educators and Common Core standards
  20. Student loan forgiveness webinar archived
  21. Why academic libraries should lead higher ed change
  22. Cards, code, and wearables
  23. Apps that bring comic books to life
  24. People Who Use E-Readers Dive Far Deeper Into Books
  25. The best books for readers in every Divergent faction
  26. How to throw a Divergent party
  27. 18 booksellers who blog
  28. A guide to Facebook privacy settings
  29. Discovery systems: Testing known item searching
  30. Why academic libraries weed
  31. The scariest things we’ve done in library school
  32. 11 ridiculously overdue library books
  33. How accessible is online government information?
  34. Libraries are becoming community problem-solvers
  35. Libraries should look beyond library card ownership
  36. Other uses for a card catalog
  37. Stuffed animal husbandry at the NYPL
  38. NYPL launches book recommendation tool

Many of these articles and blog posts came from the amazing AL Direct electronic newsletter.