35 Library Stories You May Have Missed in February


Google Glass, eBooks, and 3D Printers have dominated library news in the early part of this year. If you’re still catching up on your reading, here are 35 articles, infographics, and blog posts that will get you up to speed on everything from issues facing academic libraries to graphic novels, to the possibility of a new TV series titled “The Librarian”.  And please feel free to leave any you’ve found noteworthy in the comments!

  1. Why Do We Still Need “libraries”? We Don’t!
  2. This Is What a Librarian Looks Like
  3. Between a Google Glass and a Hard Place
  4. Kansas teen uses [Library] 3-D printer to make hand for boy
  5. Wearable book lets readers feel the fiction
  6. 10 Productivity Guides to Inspire You
  7. Glass, Darkly – an MIT Technology Review
  8. TNT Eyeing ‘The Librarian’ TV Series
  9. Infographic: Top Ten Reasons for Choosing a Paper Book over an eBook
  10. 6 YA Books You Need to Read Before their 2014 Movies Come Out
  11. From ballet shoes to human tissue, printing ideas into 3-D reality
  12. Perceptions 2013: An International Survey of Library Automation
  13. Anthropomorphized paperbacks act out the stories between their pages
  14. 6 Free Platforms for Teaching Online
  15. From Superheroes to Vampires: The Hottest Graphic Novels of 2014
  16. Revisiting Book Tasting to Support Readers
  17. The New Information Literacy Framework and James Madison
  18. The Tool Library Movement Gains Steam
  19. The DohVinci Is the First Handheld 3D Play-Doh Printer For Kids
  20. A Look at Librarians
  21. Books on WordPress in Libraries
  22. 11 issues facing academic libraries right now
  23. NCSU Libraries Now Lending Google Glass for Research Projects
  24. Online Exhibit Tracks Books Saved by the Real-Life Monuments Men
  25. Game Night at Michener Passes Go, Collects 120 Students
  26. The OPAC is Dead
  27. 22 Books You Pretend You’ve Read But Actually Haven’t
  28. Top 8 Reasons to go to an International Library Conference
  29. A Novel Approach: The Library [of Congress] in Fiction
  30. From Here to Discovery
  31. 7 Great Sites for Academic Librarians
  32. Hack Your First Professional Conference
  33. Creating a Better Library Experience…For the Birds
  34. What a Difference a Year Makes: My First Year as a Library Director
  35. 22 Absolutely Stunning Victorian Book Covers

Many of these articles and blog posts came from the amazing AL Direct electronic newsletter.