32 Library Stories You May Have Missed in September

This Fall is starting off strong with plenty of library-related stories, news items, and tutorials.  In case you’re just getting caught up on what’s happening in the field, here are 32 great articles and posts from last month.

  1. 10 Wearable Tech Gadgets Librarians (and everyone else!) Will Love
  2. Full library discovery
  3. Oyster, The Netflix of Books
  4. Librarians Are NOT Knowledge Keepers – Pass It On. 
  5. Tumblr is a great way to reach teen patrons
  6. 23 Resources for Getting Published in the Library Field
  7. School library eBook market must reads
  8. How to do things with data: Meta–data, meta–media, and meta–communication
  9. Cory Doctorow: Libraries and E-books
  10. The Ultimate Who-To-Follow Guide for Tweeting Librarians, Info Pros, and Educators
  11. E. It’s Complicated. How Two Schools are Riding the Transition to Ebooks
  12. 75 Vintage Dust Jackets of Classic Books
  13. 17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand
  14. A Librarian’s Guide to Boosting the Maker Movement
  15. So, You Want to be a Law Librarian?
  16. The art of using sources correctly
  17. Book Thieves and Other Library Scoundrels
  18. Hack Library School ebook
  19. When books were shelved backwards
  20. YA books and the maker movement
  21. Does RFID make sense for your library?
  22. Things to consider when applying to library school
  23. Digging up Canada’s first national library
  24. 10 Futuristic Libraries
  25. The cost of censorship in libraries: 10 years of CIPA
  26. New Roles for New Times: ARL Publishes Report on Transforming Liaison Roles in Research Libraries
  27. My One tip for beginning library school
  28. 35 cloud tools for librarians
  29. Watch a 3D printer print multiple colors
  30. Is Bexar County’s all-digital library really the future of books?
  31. 10 tips for compiling your promotion or tenure file
  32. Library DVDs versus Netflix streaming


Thanks to AL Direct for many of these!