30 Library Tech Stories You May Have Missed

There have been quite a few library technology stories since my last roundup in late February. Here are 30 stories/articles/blog posts that you won’t want to miss!! And please list any other recent library tech stories in the comments.

    Social Media

  1. 3 Ways College Libraries Are Exploring Pinterest
  2. 5 Educational YouTube Channels for Librarians
  3. 10 Resources for Using Pinterest in Your Library
  4. NYPL’s Movie Trailer-Style Library Video
  5. 20 Great Ways Libraries Are Using Pinterest
  6. Mobile

  7. 10 Kindle Cases That Look Like Books
  8. Libraries Loaning iPads
  9. Reinvent the Book Club: How To Host Your Own Audiobook Gathering
  10. e-Books

  11. Evaluating e-Books in Law Libraries
  12. Ebooks 101: DRM (Digital Rights Management)
  13. Should Libraries Get Out of the eBook Business?
  14. QR Codes

  15. QR Codes Extend Library Programming
  16. What are some uses for QR codes in public and academic libraries?
  17. QR Code Quest Scavenger Hunt- Part Deux!
  18. Library Marketing

  19. 21 Resources for Library Marketing with Social Media
  20. Stop Branding Your Library!!
  21. How to Use Webinars to Create Great Relationships with Library Patrons
  22. Create Your Own Library Social Media Monitoring Dashboard
  23. Preservation

  24. Archiving Cell Phone Text Messages
  25. Pinterest and the New Meaning of Curation
  26. ERM

  27. Implementing an ERM System in Your Library
  28. Managing Electronic Resources
  29. Misc

  30. 20 Everyday Ways To Escape The Library Echo Chamber
  31. Alternative Uses for the Pesky eBook Budget
  32. Poll Results: What Technologies will impact libraries in 2-5 years?
  33. Card Sorting from A–Z iLibrarian Series
  34. 7 Stellar Library Conference Presentations
  35. 7 Things You Should Know About™ the Evolution of the Textbook
  36. Vintage Photos of Librarians