23 Resources for Getting Published in the Library Field

Are you wondering how to break into the publishing world as a librarian? If so, here are over 20 resources to get you started on your journey to publication bliss!

  1. LIS Publication Wiki: This website has listings of hundreds of LIS scholarly journals, professional and trade publications, online forums, civilian publication, book publishers, and more!
  2. Emerald for Librarians: This website has a guide to “Writing for LIS Journals” which includes a call for papers index for the LIS field as well as a “Publish, don’t perish” guide from librarian author and editor Rachel Singer Gordon.
  3. How to get ahead in academic publishing: Q&A best bits: The Guardian’s Higher Education Network published this article with a Q&A with Leonard Cassuto, professor of English, Fordham University, New York, Mila Steele, commissioning editor, SAGE, Alec Gregory, head of marketing, Pluto Press, Andrew Winnard, publisher, Cambridge University Press, Anthony Levings, managing editor and director, Gylphi Limited, and Dr Wanda Wyporska, media officer, TUC unionlearn.
  4. Advice for Authors, Reviewers, Publishers, and Editors of Literary Scholarship
    The MLA (Modern Language Association) has some tips and advice for hopeful writers in this article which discusses books, articles, and digital publications.
  5. Tips on Getting Published
    The Geeky Artist Librarian shares her tips and recommendations for getting published in this post.
  6. A Library Writer’s Blog
    This blog provides regular calls for papers, chapters, book authors and calls for conference presenters.  It’s a great outlet to watch for opportunities to get published in the library field.
  7. ACRL’s Guide to: Professional writing and publishing: Resources for librarians
    This article was published in College & Research Libraries News.  Author Laurie L. Putnam provides resources including metasites, howto’s, articles on technique, reference, and genres, and much more.
  8. Library Success Wiki Publishing and Speaking Page
    This helpful resource provides tips for publishing in lbirary-related journals, resources for publishing in different formats, blogs and website recommendations, tips on negotiating contracts and more.
  9. Books on Getting Published


  10. Writing and Publishing: The Librarian’s Handbook Carol Smallwood, Editor, 2010, ALA Editions
  11. librariansguide

  12. The Librarian’s Guide to Writing for Publication,  Rachel Singer Gordon, Author, 2004, Scarecrow Press
  13. firsthavesomething

  14. First Have Something to Say: Writing for the Library Profession, Walt Crawford, Author, 2003, ALA

    LIS Journals Submission Policies

  16. American Libraries
  17. Library Journal
  18. School Library Journal
  19. Computers in Libraries
  20. Choice Journal
  21. Library Technology Reports
  22. Journals for LIS Research
  23. LIS Book Publishers

  24. Information Today
  25. Libraries Unlimited
  26. Scarecrow Press
  27. Neal-Schuman Publishers
  28. American Library Association