15 Free Live Webinars for Librarians in March

Here’s the monthly roundup of great-looking online webinars and free educational opportunities for librarians.

  1. Wednesday, March 6
    3-4 pm (Eastern)
    Leveraging Social Media for Nonprofit Events (CharityHowTo)
    CharityHowTo in conjunction with Social Media for Nonprofits and Eventbrite, are presenting this free webinar offering clear strategies, tactics, and resources for using social media to help ensure the success of nonprofit events. If your nonprofit is planning an upcoming gala or fundraiser, this webinar is not to be missed.
  2. Friday, March 8
    12:30-2 pm EST
    Introduction to the Semantic Web: BIBFRAME, RDA, FRBR & Linked Data (Lyrasis)


    In this one and one half hour 2nd Friday Series session, Robin Fay, Head of Database Maintenance at the University of Georgia and co-author of the book Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Librarians, will introduce the concept of the semantic web, a movement founded by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in an effort to offer a common framework for shared data. She will review principles of linked data, RDA, FRBR, & BIBFRAME, including an overview of basics concepts and terminology.

  3. Tuesday, March 12
    2-3 pm EST
    New Graphic Novels for Libraries and Classrooms (Booklist)
    The popularity of graphic novels among readers of all ages continues to soar. Tune in for a preview of hot spring titles and industry insights from both graphic novel publishers and creators in this free, hour-long webinar moderated by Booklist Books for Youth editorial director Gillian Engberg and featuring a panel of representatives from Kids Can Press, ABDO Publishing, DC Entertainment, and Viz Media.
  4. Tuesday, March 12
    3-4 pm EST
    Ebooks and Libraries: Legal Issues for Library Administration and Staff (InfoPeople)
    Ebooks present both opportunity and challenge as the dominant delivery is via electronic license, governed by contract law rather than by copyright law. At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will: Understand the difference between eBook content licenses and ownership, Be brought up to date on the latest legal issues, including the settlement agreement between the National Federation of the Blind and the Sacramento Public Library Authority, and Learn how the Califa Library Group (http://www.califa.org/) has fared in buying (not just licensing) eBook content for use by its customers.
  5. Wednesday, March 13
    3-4 pm EST
    7 Ways Planning Improves Social Impact and Sustainability (NonProfit Webinars)
    The planning process is an essential tool for guiding organizational performance, identifying the resources you’ll need and keeping you on track. It addresses funders most basic questions: Whom do you serve? How do you serve them? What resources do you need? How will you reliably raise financial and in-kind resources? How will you measure performance and incorporate feedback for continuous improvement? In this session you will learn how this tool lays the foundation for successful fundraising efforts.
  6. Thursday, March 14
    1-2 pm EST
    Responsive Web Design Bootcamp (O’Reilly)
    In this hands-on webcast presented by Jonathan Stark, author of ‘Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript’ and ‘Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript’, you’ll learn why it is no longer safe to assume that visitors to your website are sitting in front of large monitors equipped with a keyboard and mouse. As smartphones overtake the desktop as the primary portal to the Web – and as new device types and interaction models continue to emerge – designers need to adopt future-friendly strategies that support a full range of user contexts with a single codebase.
  7. Thursday, March 14
    1-2 pm EST
    Trends in Cataloging and Resource Description (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    Resource Description and Access (RDA), the new content standard for library cataloging, the replacement for Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, was released in 2010, but RDA has not been fully implemented by the Library Congress, and is only very slowly being adopted in other US libraries. Meanwhile, in May 2011, the Library of Congress announced its Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME), in part to find a replacement for the MARC format – although BIBFRAME is much more than simply a new format – it is a new foundation for bibliographic description, designed for our networked, digital age. This webinar will take a look at what is happening in resource description, building on the BIBFRAME report, “Bibliographic Framework as a Web of Data: Linked Data Model and Supporting Services”, released by Library of Congress and Zepheira, in November 2012.
  8. Thursday, March 14
    3-4 pm EST
    Mobile Website Design for Libraries (InfoPeople)
    This webinar will help you learn how to easily and effectively make your library’s website accessible and useful to mobile users. Chad Mairn will describe and demonstrate various tools, tips, and techniques for creating mobile websites, making them interactive and engaging, and integrating them with other resources, services, and systems available through your library.
  9. Tuesday, March 19
    1-2 pm EST
    Strategic Planning Part 1: Cultivation & Organizational Development (NonProfit Webinars)
    Strategic planning should be a means not only to produce a strategy, but also to engage and cultivate stakeholders, develop leadership, and generate new energy, commitment and consensus around mission. Its primary product is not a written plan, but strategic thinking within the organization, which is achieved through a process of planning followed by a process of implementation. A well-conceived and managed planning process can be the most effective form of organizational development.
  10. Tuesday, March 19
    1-2 pm EST
    Proposal Writing Basics (Grantspace)
    For those new to proposal writing, this class will cover: How the proposal fits into the overall grantseeking process, What to include in a standard proposal to a foundation, Tips for making each section of your proposal stronger, What funders expect to see in your proposal and attachments, Tips for communicating with funders during the grant process, and Additional resources on proposal writing, including sample proposals.
  11. Tuesday, March 19
    2-3 pm EST
    Signature Events for Small Libraries (WebJunction)
    From “chocolate in the stacks” tastings to 5K runs to off-site literary dinner parties, small libraries are getting creative in offering signature events that raise funds and create friends. This webinar will be a “show and tell” of library fundraisers, with quick tips on how to get started in your community.
  12. Tuesday, March 19
    3-4 pm EST
    How to Captivate and Engage Constituents with Your Website (Firespring)
    In this session, you will learn from more than 10 years of focus group research with nonprofit constituents and donors how to captivate and engage your audience. In this Firespring webinar you’ll discover:
    The 5 required elements of an engaging website
    The 3 biggest mistakes nonprofits make with their website
    5 proven methods for promoting your organization online
    The #1 factor nonprofits should consider regarding search engine optimization
  13. Wednesday, March 20
    2-3 pm EST
    Hosting a Personal Digital Archiving Day Event (ALCTS)
    This webinar discusses how to host an innovative public program on preserving personal digital information. In an effort to share knowledge on how best to care for personal digital information, The Library of Congress’ National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program developed The Personal Digital Archiving Day Kit. The toolkit provides resources for staff at libraries, archives and other cultural institutions to help them plan and present a personal digital archiving day program. This webinar focuses on the resources included in the kit, how the kit can be used to plan a public program, and why holding a personal digital archiving program is beneficial for both public libraries and their communities.
  14. Wednesday, March 20
    3-4 pm EST
    Taking Leadership Online: Developing Your Personal Social Media Voice (NonProfit Webinars)
    How should you navigate the personal and professional boundaries in the world of social media, and what does that mean for your leadership? How does the social media buzzword “transparency,” translate into “leadership?” In this webinar, we will consider how nonprofit executive directors and other staff use social media personally to further the mission of their organization and translate their leadership online.
  15. Wednesday, March 27
    3– 4 pm EST
    Data Gets Grants (NonprofitWebinars.com)
    To receive grant funding, it is necessary to submit a proposal that identifies and successfully documents a dire need. The need has to be compelling enough to pull at the heartstrings and substantial enough to satisfy the intellect. It is also crucial to measure the need (yes, it isn’t just important to measure outcomes!) so that the problem is articulately described and so that realistic, quantifiable objectives are created.Takeaways from this session include:
    How to determine which data to gather
    Simple processes to follow to locate data
    Where to start when seeking data online
    What to do if numbers terrify you or put you to sleep
    How to measure local need