20 iPad Apps for Productivity

Jill Duffy at PC Magazine gathers a list of 20 iPad Apps for Productivity. Are you taking advantage of all your iPad has to offer? These lightweight, wi-fi enabled tablet devices make great office companions and with the help of these 20 apps you can stay productive at work, in the classroom, at a conference, from a hotel, or an airplane seat. Here are the first five that made the list:

  1. AirDisplay - Turn your iPad into a second monitor for your computer screen.
  2. Bento - Easily create organizational databases.
  3. CardMunch – I can’t wait to try this one…take a photo of someone’s business card and it’s uploaded and synched with your app.
  4. Citrix GoToMyPC- Control your computer remotely!!!
  5. Docusign - Put a digital signature on documents without having to print or scan