20 Everyday Ways To Escape The Library Echo Chamber

Sally Pewhairangi at Finding Heroes suggests 20 Everyday Ways To Escape The Library Echo Chamber. This excellent list goes beyond writing and contributing to discussions about libraries and recommends practical ways to find out what’s happening outside libraries and how that can benefit your organization. Here are just five suggestions.

  1. Watch a TED Talks video on a topic you know nothing about. What did you learn? How could you apply this to library presentations?
  2. Ask someone outside your immediate circle of influence for their thoughts on your current project.
  3. Read the book reviews in the local paper. What value could your library add to those reviews?
  4. Ask the next person you meet when they last visited the library and why.
  5. When writing your next report, consider how you could make it more visually appealing. Try it (even though you may not actually submit it).

via Stephen’s Lighthouse