17+ Things to Do with your Online Photos

Video – My Recent Trip to Gettysburg

Create Animoto Music Videos – Easily create music videos from your photo sets on Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and others with Animoto.

Create Blog Slideshows with FlickrSLiDR - This very simple tool instantly creates nicely formatted slideshows from your Flickr photos that can be embedded in your blog or website. PictoBrowser and many others are similar.

Create Business Cards – Make business cards, stickers, postcards, and more from your photos which you have stored on Flickr, Facebook, and other social networks at Moo.com. This is a great way for those who have completed top online marketing programs to sell themselves to potential employers.

Create Librarian Trading Cards, Badges, & More Fun – Easy to use tools will walk you through creating trading cards, magazine covers, movie posters and more with your online photos here at Big Huge Labs.

Edit Photos with Picnik – This Web-based photo editor has partnered with Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, and others to provide you with instant image editing tools from within these social websites, look for the Edit Photo option when viewing your photos, or browse to Picnik to connect the editor with your accounts.

Create an Online Scrapbook – Organize your photos into an online scrapbook such as Scrapblog.

Create a Coffee Table Book – Create gorgeous hardcover photo books with the easy-to-use Blurb bookmaking software.

Create a Newsletter – Create beautifully designed newsletters and photo collages with LetterPop.

Turn Your Photos into Cartoons - Run your photos through BeFunky’s Cartoonizer and create comic book versions of your images.

Create an Online Portfolio – Collect your best photos and set up an online portfolio of your work using Carbonmade.

Publish a Brochure – Create a brochure, online magazine, portfolio, or other image-based project with FormatPixel.

Caption Photos – Add captions, objects, and speech bubbles to photos from Flickr, Webshots, Shutterfly and more with Graphita.

Create Comic Strips – Browse Flickr photos by user or tag and create comic strips from them using the Bubblr tool.

Create Social Networking Slideshows – Create fun slideshows to embed on social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace. Customize backgrounds, music and special effects at RockYou.

Frame Your Photos – Add photo frame templates to your photos which will transform them into motivational posters, bus stop signs, and billboards at Image Chef.

Create Photo Collages – Place your photos into Web-based collages with Tabblo

Create Photo Widgets – Experiment with thousands of photo widgets found on Widgetbox and embed your creations on your websites and blogs.

I’m sure there are many other creative things to do with online photos, please list some of your faves in the comments!