16 Top Library Stories You May Have Missed

This fall has been a great season for insightful library-related stories. Here’s a round-up of the latest top library stories you may not have seen yet:

  1. 10 Geeky Office Supplies for Librarians
  2. Ten Geeky Gadgets Librarians Will Love
  3. Makerspaces in Academic Libraries
  4. Ten Things I Didn’t Learn in Library School, Academic Edition
  5. Six biggest library annoyances and how to fix them
  6. Zombies Invade the Library
  7. Curb Your Librarian Frustration in 8 Steps
  8. 5 Amazing Libraries You Didn’t Know You Had Access To
  9. Marketing Your Library
  10. How to Easily Archive & Embed Tweets
  11. Disaster Planning for Libraries
  12. 4 Analytics Tools Librarians Should Know About
  13. Personal Branding for Librarians
  14. 10 Great Library Presentations from Internet Librarian 2012
  15. Open Access eBooks – 5 Part Series
  16. 50 Great Mobile Apps for Libraries