16 Resources for Librarians Preparing for the Mayan Apocalypse

Librarians are prepared for anything. Why? Because we do our background research and have plenty of resources to consult for any given event. So, why should the Mayan Apocalypse be any different? Here’s a research guide for all of you who are in the midst of preparing yourself for any eventuality that may occur on December 21st!

1.) Wikipedia: 2012 Phenomenon

If you’ve yet to get up-to-date (pun intended!) on our impending doom next week on 12/21/12, here’s a bit of background on the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar and what you can expect during the upcoming end of the world.


2.) Mayan Endtime Calendar

Count down to the big day with this helpful advent-style calendar! According to the site…”Each day has a humorous message to help prepare you for total annihilation. Great for home, office, or any other place that will go up in smoke on Dec. 21st.”


3.) The Official Mayan B’akt’un Countdown

Just in case you’re not sufficiently panicked about next week’s apocalypse, here’s an hourglass where you can watch your time run out with the sand, good times!


4.) How to Survive 2012: End of the World

This helpful video details how to join or establish your own Doomsday community, build an apocalypse shelter, and develop sought-after survival skills. If you’re not already hoarding Hazmat suits, you need to watch this video right away.


5.) Mayan Scholar Refutes Dec. 21st Apocalypse Prediction

This NewsFix video features an expert on Mayan history who contends that December 21st marks a day of renewal for humanity rather than an end to it. but just in case she’s wrong…


6.) Great Balls of China to Defend Against Apocalypse

Survive the Mayan, or any other apocalypse in a giant ball with 30 other people. That sounds fun, right? This furniture maker has created a survival sphere based on his observations of ping-pong balls.


In Case of Zombies…

Just in case everyone hasn’t perished in the Mayan Apocalypse, we may experience the much discussed, and in some cases eagerly anticipated Zombie Apocalypse. If this were to occur, please see the following resources for your own survival.


7.) Map of the Dead

This helpful map marks useful places that you would need to know about during a zombie apocalypse such as: outdoor stores (to buy survival gear), cemeteries, hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, and of course shopping malls!


8.) Zombie Survival Course

Why wait for an actual zombie apocalypse when you can start training right now? Learn how to survive the apocalypse with this team of professionals who will teach you how to hotwire a car, suture wounds, shoot a crossbow and much more!


9.) 10 tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse

This MSN video walks you through everything you need to know for when the undead rise up and overthrow humanity. Again, if you aren’t stockpiling things like canned goods already, you’re going to want to watch this educational film.


10.) Run For Your Lives

Yet another reason to get a gym membership for next year…so that you can train to participate in this zombie-infested 5k obstacle course race and see if you have what it takes to survive!


Apocalyptic Doom? There’s an App for That!

No matter what variety the apocalypse comes in, these apps will help you survive it and remain on the cutting-edge while doing so!


11.) iSurvival – Army Survival and Field Manuals

This free reference app is a collection of Army and Military field manuals with 1000′s of pages and illustrations on topics ranging from outdoor survival, personal fitness, first aid, parachuting and knots, to mountaineering, camouflage, military operations,self defense,


12.) Army Ranger Handbook

The U.S. Army Ranger Handbook app offers the latest techniques and tactics used everyday by Rangers. Now with the latest February 2011 manual and full support for retina displays, this app covers deception, stealth, communications, escape and evasion, ambush operations, booby traps, demolitions perimeter defense, counterintelligence, and much more. This manual was designed so Rangers could easily carry it into the field.


13.) Wilderness Survival

This app claims to be the most substantial wilderness survival guide available. You can choose your terrain (Desert, Snow, Forest, Coast, At Sea) and watch hours of instructional video, access dozens of images and diagrams, region specific animal index and the latest survival techniques utilized by the world’s militaries.


14.) Zombie Tools

Zombie Tools ☣ from Guns & Gardens is the only iOS app you need to survive the zombie apocalypse. It includes a range of useful modules, including a global emergency Sit-Rep, motion detector, signal light, video feed, survival journal and more. It’s got so many useful tools, it’s like a digital “Swiss Army Knife” in your pocket.


15.) 2012 Apocalypse

This mobile app provides information about the predictions of catastrophic events that may happen in 2012. Including the latest videos and news about 2012 apocalyptic events.


16.) Zombie Apocalypse Manual

Packed with 100′s of useful tips for fighting and surviving Zombies, this app will teach you what to do and what not to do during a Zombie outbreak or Zombie apocalypse.