16 New Library Tech Stories You May Have Missed

The start of 2012 has been great for library technology stories. Here are 16 of them that you won’t want to miss. Please list any other recent library tech stories in the comments!!

    Social Media

  1. 5 Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Library
  2. 5 More Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Library
  3. How Facebook Can Help Market Your Library
  4. 10 Tips for Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Library
  5. NYPL: Making Collections Possible Through Collaboration
  6. Mobile

  7. 8 Essential Apps for Library Conferences
  8. e-Books

  9. So you want to start a Kindle lending program
  10. E-Books and Libraries: 25 Resources
  11. 61 Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads
  12. e-Books and School Libraries
  13. Threats to Digital Lending
  14. e-Book Formats and Devices Infographic
  15. How to Talk to Your Patrons About Penguin & Other Publishers Not Loaning eBooks to Libraries
  16. Ebooks on Fire: Controversies Surrounding Ebooks in Libraries
  17. Archiving

  18. Personal Digital Archiving iLibrarian Series