150 Useful, Educational, and Inspirational Blogs for Aspiring Writers

When you’re laboring away at your laptop at home or in a cafe, writing can often feel like a pretty solitary endeavor. Yet there’s no reason to feel alone when resources to support, advise, and guide writers abound. Whether you’re penning a poem or writing a novel, there are dozens of blogs that offer writers the chance to learn more about how writers think, what they do when they’re not writing, and even how the business side of writing works. These sites can provide invaluable career advice and can help aspiring writers like yourself feel more connected and less isolated while working through the writing process. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the writing-related blogs we think stand out as being useful, educational, and inspirational to those who love to write.


The following sites will provide information, advice, and tools that will help you develop your writing and your career as a writer.

  1. The Plotmonkeys: Here, four writers and friends share their thoughts on writing, plotting out stories, and a wide range of other things in their daily lives.
  2. Seth Godin: Marketing guru Seth Godin is a great read for writers who want to learn how to appeal to a wider audience and sell their work to publishers.
  3. Paperback Writer: Author Lynn Viehl shares her thoughts on writing (she’s published almost 50 books of her own), reading, and everything else through this blog.
  4. PigPog: Keeping it simple, this blog offers up pretty pictures and a wide range of essays, both of which may just inspire you to get writing.
  5. Angela Booth’s Writing Blog: Angela Booth offers her perspective on a writing-related topics here, as well as providing tips that can help you become a better writer.
  6. Writer’s Blog: Here, you can keep up with the latest news related to writing, from Hollywood scripts to the evolving publishing industry.
  7. The Well-Fed Writer: Want to make a living as a writer? Give this blog a read to find resources and advice on boosting your writing income from veteran commercial freelancer Peter Bowerman.
  8. Write It Sideways: Get writing advice from a fresh perspective through this multi-author blog. Recent posts cover topics like writing from a teen’s perspective and developing authenticity in your writing.
  9. Jeff Goins: Author of The Writer’s Manifesto, Jeff Goins shares his advice on writing, getting published, and building a career as a writer.
  10. Positive Writer: Need some positive motivation to get you back into writing? This blog has what you need, featuring loads of positivity-fueled posts that will inspire you to write.
  11. Make a Living Writing: Here, you’ll find practical tips on building a career as a writer, starting a blog, and much more.
  12. The Write Practice: This blog is an amazing source of inspiration for writers, offering prompts, practice, and helpful advice.
  13. The Writer’s Inner Journey: One great way to improve your own writing is to learn from other writers. This blog offers that opportunity, with authors of all kinds sharing how they write and why their method works.

Blog Writing

Blogging can be a great way to share your writing with the world and to promote yourself as an aspiring author. These sites offer tips that will help you develop your content and market your blog.

  1. A List Apart: This popular blog is a smart place to look for advice on building better content, working in the digital world, and a whole host of other high-tech tips and tools.
  2. Daily Blog Tips: Visit this site daily to get help building a blog and navigating the web.
  3. Matt Cutts: Matt Cutts, an award-winning computer scientist working for Google, can help writers learn more about how web searches work, a key component to building a popular and potentially profitable blog.
  4. Performancing: Educate yourself through Performancing on blog management, social media marketing, infographics, and everything you need to know to create an amazing blog.
  5. ProBlogger: ProBlogger is one of the best sites for finding information on running your blog like it’s a business or even just finding work as a freelance blogger.
  6. Chris Brogan: Chris Brogan, CEO and president of Human Business Works and best-selling author, writes about how to build a business on the web though his blog.
  7. Lorelle on WordPress: WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there today. Get tips, tools, advice, and techniques on using it to build your own blog here.
  8. Blogging Pro: Keep up with the latest in news, plug ins, and themes for blogging platforms here.
  9. Blogussion: This site touches on some of the deeper issues related to creating a professional blog, from finding inspiration to tech-savvy ways you can make your blog more appealing to readers.
  10. The Blog Herald: If you’re simply interested in learning more about the blogging world, follow this blog to get daily updates on all kinds of blogging and social media topics.


Interested in learning more about what it takes to be a copywriter? These blogs offer insights, inspiration, and more for the aspiring copywriter.

  1. Copyblogger: Touching on copywriting, blogging, content marketing, SEO, and other high-tech topics, this site is a great place to learn how to hone your copywriting skills for the online world.
  2. Words.Concepts.Strategies: Copywrite, Ink. maintains this blog that posts on a variety of copywriting, psychology, PR, and social media issues.
  3. Allison Nazarian: Nazarian is a professional ghostwriter, copywriter, and business consultant. On her blog, you’ll find a number of posts on writing, staying positive, and sticking with your craft.
  4. Copywriting.com: This site covers basic copywriting issues like grammar and advertising.
  5. Michel Fortin: A copywriter, marketer, and business consultant, Michael Fortin shares his expertise on all three through this blog.
  6. The Writer Underground: While the author of this blog is a copywriter, the posts aren’t always solely copywriting focused. There are also loads of links to great articles on writing, publishing, and other forms of creative work.
  7. Bob Bly Copywriter: This copywriter offers motivation and advice to all those working or hoping to work as copywriters.
  8. Conversation Agent: For a tech-centered look at copywriting, head to marketing strategist Valeria Maltoni’s blog.
  9. Bad Language: CEO of Articulate Marketing and Turbine Matthew Stibbe shares his thoughts on web design, writing, freelancing, interviewing, and much more.
  10. Good Copy, Bad Copy: Explore both the good business writing out there and the bad through this inspiring (and sometimes humorous) blog on copywriting.

Editing and Publishing

If you want your writing to be seen by the wider public, both publishers and editors play an essential role in the process. Through these blogs, you’ll get to hear from some of them directly and learn more about the industry as a whole.

  1. anEditors Blog: Check out posts on writing, reading, publishing, and editing from this freelance editor and fact-checker.
  2. The Big Bad Book Blog: The Big Bad Book Blog is a creative outlet for the Greenleaf Book Group team, designed to educate and entertain the writing and publishing community with useful insights and fun commentaries.
  3. Evil Editor: Want to know why you haven’t been published? The Evil Editor will tell you in no uncertain terms.
  4. Michael Hyatt: CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the sixth largest trade book publishing company in the world, Michael Hyatt blogs here about management and leadership issues in the publishing world.
  5. <strongf=”http://www.complete-review.com/saloon”>The Literary Saloon: This blog is a great place to head if you want to keep up with the latest and greatest in literary news.
  6. Mark Athitakis’ American Fiction Notes: Here, Mark Athitakis reviews and recommends American novels and short stories.
  7. A Commonplace Blog: Critic and literary historian D.G. Meyers offers his take on new fiction releases and working authors.
  8. The Stream: If you’re a literary nerd, you’ve probably already got a subscription to Harper’s but you can get additional material here on the magazine’s blog.
  9. The Fictionaut: Here, you can find recommendations for some of the best and most exciting short stories, poetry, and novels out there today.

Pencil and Paper

Want to write the old fashioned way? Even if you’re an avowed technophile, these blogs might have you longing for pen and paper.

  1. moleskinerie: Explore some amazing art kept in Moleskine journals through this blog. It may just inspire you to pick up one of your own.
  2. My Handbound Books: Learn how to put together your own books, journals, or other bound materials from this blog.
  3. Pencil Revolution: This blog is the place to learn more about pencils than you ever wanted to know.
  4. Timberlines: Haven’t gotten enough pencil talk yet? This blog offers up an industrial take on what goes into making a high-quality pencil.
  5. All Things Paper: If paper is more of your thing, this blog will give you plenty to drool over, with pictures and reviews for an incredibly wide range of paper products.


Those who prefer verse over prose will find lots of helpful tips and inspiration on these poetry-focused blogs.

  1. Coffeehouse Junkie’s Blog: While not exclusively focused on poetry, this blog is nonetheless a good place to look for inspiration on creative writing of any kind.
  2. 32 Poems: The blog of 32 Poems magazine, this site is home to reviews, poetry, interviews, and more.
  3. Silliman’s Blog: Focused on contemporary poetry and poetics, this blog is a great read for any aspiring poet.
  4. PoetryBlogs.org: Don’t have time to read all the great poetry blogs out there? This site brings them into one place, offering up posts from a number of top blogs in one place.
  5. The The Poetry Blog: Explore poetry and poetics, arts and society, reviews, interviews, poetry comics, and much more on this amazing blog.
  6. Poets United: Here, poets will find not only a helpful blog but also a community of like-minded writers.
  7. The Best American Poetry: Inspire your own poetry by learning about the work of some of the best American poets working today on this blog.
  8. Harriet: The Blog: This Poetry Foundation blog will help you learn about great poets, new works, and a wide range of other poetic news.
  9. Poetic Asides: Find poetry prompts, tips on writing poetry, interviews with poets, and much more on this inspiring and educational blog.
  10. Busboys and Poets: This blog can be a place to showcase your work, learn about poetry events, and explore a large and diverse community of creative artists.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Head to one of these blogs if you want genre-specific advice on how to write and what to read.

  1. Futurismic: Explore near-future science fiction and science facts you won’t believe through this great inspirational blog for sci-fi writers. Each month a new science fiction story is posted, so visit regularly.
  2. No Fear of the Future: Snippets from the past and present will provide ample inspiration for developing your sci-fi stories when you read this blog.
  3. SF Signal: Named the best sci-fi fanzine on the web, this blog is a must-read for any sci-fi fan hoping to keep up with movies, books, and TV shows within the genre.
  4. Velcro City Tourist Board: Touching on both science fiction and fact, this blog penned by freelance science writer Paul Graham Raven is a fun read for aspiring sci-fi writers.
  5. Fantasy & Science Fiction: The blog of the magazine of the same name, this site is a great place to read interviews, get reviews, and enjoy keeping up with the latest releases in both genres.
  6. Tor.com: Read stories, comics, reviews, articles, and much more on this site dedicated to science fiction and fantasy.
  7. Neil Gaiman: If you love the work of Neil Gaiman then you’ll appreciate the posts on his blog which not only promote his own work and appearances but also offer inspiration to creative types of all kinds.
  8. Flights of Fantasy: Here, you’ll find reviews as well as commentary on issues that come up frequently in fantasy writing.
  9. A Dribble of Ink: This fantasy and sci-fi blog is home to art, reviews, interviews, articles, and much more. Even better, it does accept guest posts, which means that if you have something to add to the conversation you might be able to get your own work published.
  10. Lightspeed: This online sci-fi and fantasy magazine is a great place to read new stories within the genres and maybe even get your own some recognition.


Connect with screenwriters of all kinds through these blogs that will teach you more about what it takes to develop a script and get it made into a movie or TV show.

  1. …by Ken Levine: TV comedy writer and MLB announcer Ken Levine shares his thoughts on everything from TV pilots to Hollywood’s most beautiful women here.
  2. Complications Ensue: Alex Epstein, a working screenwriter, shares advice on crafting great work and making a career in screenwriting.
  3. John August.com: This site is a great resource for aspiring screenwriters, offering serious insights to the screenwriting process and well as reviews of books, news on the industry, and more.
  4. Kung Fu Monkey: Three screenwriters collaborate on this blog, sharing their experiences actually working on scripts, with actors, and on TV shows out right now.
  5. Go Into the Story: The official screenwriting blog of the Black List, this site penned by Scott Myers offers amazing tips for budding screenwriters that are designed to improve their writing and get their work on screen.
  6. Screamwriter: Find camaraderie with this blogger who’s also trying to break into the screenwriting industry.
  7. Screenwriter’s Corner: Head to this site to learn about workshops, read reviews, and even get basic tips on writing sequences in your scripts.
  8. Script Magazine Blog: Follow this blog to keep up with the latest news in screenwriting and to get some useful advice on researching and writing your own work.
  9. Sex in a Submarine: Professional screenwriter W.C. Martell has written 19 films. He shares his expertise on writing for the silver screen here.
  10. Shouting into the Wind: From pitching projects to writing a script, this blog covers the real life ups and downs of writing a script.


The wide range of e-readers available today has made it possible for just about anyone to publish a book for very little cost. Whether you choose to go this way or want to pursue more traditional forms of self-publishing, these blogs can help you learn the ropes.

  1. FullTimeAuthor.com: Want to learn how to promote your book and publish it on your own? You’ll find lots of great advice here.
  2. Kindle Buffet: Learn more about other authors who’ve put out their work through e-books on this blog, and even find some great titles you can download for free.
  3. A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Find ample advice on publishing your own book here from Joe Konrath.
  4. Lulu Blog: Even if you don’t use Lulu to publish your book, you can find lots of great posts here that will educate you on self-publishing and marketing your work.
  5. The Independent Publishing Magazine: Here, you can find out more about independent publishers and self-publishing, especially with regard to e-book publishing.
  6. Publetariat: Get advice on finding success in self-publishing, e-books, and insights from those who’ve already published their own works.
  7. duolit: These bloggers offer tips that can help make your self-published book a success.
  8. AuthoPublisher: Authors and publishers connect on this site, with blog posts that address a wide range of relevant topics.
  9. POD People: Find updates about the latest self-published books, news on self-publishing, and reviews through this site.
  10. Self-Publishing Resources: SPR is full of great information for authors who want to go it on their own with strategies for book writing, packaging and marketing as well as news and reviews.

Tech Writing

In a tech-filled world, technical writing is more important than ever. Use these blogs to learn from professional technical writers, find style tips, and more.

  1. Usable Help: One area of technical writing is documentation and help systems. This blog explores how to best create both the interfaces and the content for these systems.
  2. I’d Rather Be Writing: Here, readers will find posts on technical writing trends and innovations, helping them keep up with the latest in the industry.
  3. Kai’s Tech Writing Blog: Find helpful recommendations, news about events, and more on this technical writing blog.
  4. ffeathers: Touching on both technical writing and fiction, the blog by Sarah Maddox has a little something for everyone.
  5. HelpScribe Technical Writing: Head to this blog to find some technical writing tips and templates that can improve your writing skills.
  6. ITauthor: Love both IT and writing? Get insights on how to combine them on this blog covering both topics.
  7. Cherryleaf Technical Authors Blog: This blog will teach you how to create better, more clear technical writing that will be more useful to those reading it.
  8. Communications from DMN: Get help combining visuals with words, using tech tools to help you, and even just breaking out of your comfort zone as a writer.
  9. The RoboColum(n): Explore the larger world of technical communications, including Adobe persuasion, through this blog from senior technical writer Colum McAndrew.
  10. Technical Writing World: Not only will you find advice on technical writing and news of events, you’ll also get access to a growing social network for technical writers on this site.

We couldn’t include every great writing blog on this list, but we think these are a great start to getting inspired and improving your writing, no matter what style or genre you choose to pursue.