10+ Websites for LIS (and other) Students

Hopefully most students have heard of Google Docs, the online office suite which makes it easy to remotely collaborate on documents with groups. Here are some other relatively new websites that library & info science (and other) students may want to know about.


1.) InternshipRatings.com – This is a website where students can rate and review their internships, and prospective interns can research companies and organizations before signing up.


2.) GradShare - A graduate student Q&A community, this website is divided into academic discipline with members asking and answering questions in the areas of Arts, Humanities & Linguistics, Business, Education, Engineering, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences.


3.) VisualCV - Create a free multi-media resume and portfolio including video, embedded charts, images, audio, and attached documents such as Word, .pdf, and SlideShare presentations, and then control who sees it.


4.) Springpad - These free online notebooks let you drag and drop items around your page, insert restaurant reviews from Yelp, maps from Google, and much more. They have plenty of starter notebooks to get you going such as the class notebook, grade tracker, job search notebook, and school project manager notebook. My favorite is the weekly meal planner which let’s you grab recipes from all over the Web and then automatically create a shopping list from them.


5.) Moo.com – This site has been around for awhile now, however some still don’t know about it. Create snazzy business cards from your online photos stored on Flickr, Facebook and other social networks. I prefer the mini cards, however they have recently come out with regulary sized cards as well.


6.) Scribd - This website is like YouTube for documents. You can upload your original works such as docs, books, essays, or tutorials you’ve written and share them with others. They can then be embedded on other websites with Scribd’s iPaper document reader.


7.) Slideshare - Just in case you haven’t heard of the world’s largest community for sharing presentations online I included this one. Great for sharing your own presentations as well as searching for conference-related presentations or researching just about any topic. You can also attach an audio narration file to your prez to create a Slidecast.


8.) When is Good? – It’s difficult to coordinate meetings with fellow group members, students, or professors. Check out When is Good which will let you simply find out when everyone is free by quickly clicking on a grid.


10.) Let Me Google That For You – Since you are going to library school your friends and relatives have probably already started to come to you with all of their research needs. Even the really simple ones which could have easily been looked up on a search engine. Be sure to check out this website which will automatically create a short video of you looking up their query on Google – it then provides them with the search results.


Additional websites that students will want to know about include Box.net for free online storage of just about any file type, Remember the Milk for creating mobile and taggable to-do lists, and E-LIS the open access repository for the field (great for research and for sharing your own stuff). Please list any others you think may be helpful in the comments!