10 Ways to Use IFTTT To Automate Your Social Media Branding

IFTTT is a new service that stands for If This, Then That. It’s an incredibly easy to use website that lets you set up or copy recipes for automating just about anything. I’ve written about this handy tool before, however in a nutshell it works with 60 different applications including most of the major social media channels, and necessitates filling out simple online forms.

Alternatively, you can use pre-existing recipes that others have put together to automate a wide variety of tasks. For example, how would you like to get a text message every time your organization’s Facebook Page had new activity? Or have a Facebook status update automatically generated every time your library or organization was about to hold an event?

If you’re handling the social media marketing for your organization’s brand, or just for yourself, you’ll want to check out these IFTTT recipes to get you started automating those efforts:




1. If there’s new activity on my Facebook brand’s Page, send me a text.


Grab the RSS feed for your brand Page on Facebook by clicking into ‘Notifications’ at the top right of the page and selecting “Get notifications via: RSS”.  Then use this RSS to SMS recipe to simply plug in the feed and have all notifications turn into text messages sent to your phone.




2. When I post to my blog, send the post to LinkedIn


If you are using the hosted version of WordPress.com for your blog, you can use this recipe to automatically post your blog articles to LinkedIn.  If you’re hosting your own WordPress blog, simply use the RSS to LinkedIn recipe here: https://ifttt.com/recipes/20880




3. If there’s a new Twitter Search result for my brand, add it to a spreadsheet in Google docs.

Using this recipe, you can set up a Twitter search variable for your brand’s hashtag and have all mentions be recorded on a spreadsheet in Google Drive.  For just a keyword search for the brand name and not a hashtag, simply adjust the feed url that the author provides so that you remove everything after the = sign where you can plug in your search term.



4. When my Facebook profile picture changes, update my Twitter profile picture.


Use this recipe to automatically change your Twitter profile photo every time you update your Facebook profile pic.



5. Every time I’m tagged in a photo on Facebook, it will be sent to Dropbox.


This is one of my personal favorites because I love to be tagged in photos on Facebook, but I oftentimes forget to make a copy of the image for myself. This recipe will automatically create backups of those images you’re tagged in and send them to your Dropbox account.



6. If a Google Calendar event starts, post it to my Facebook Page.

If you’re using Google Calendar to keep track of your brand events you can use IFTTT to automatically create a Facebook status update 15 minutes before the event starts with the location and name of event.



7. Tweet my Facebook status updates


Set up IFTTT to automatically tweet for you whenever you post a status update on Facebook, saving you time to post more updates!



8. Tweet my Blog Posts


Automatically create tweets out of your blog posts, linking back to your WordPress blog. There are also recipes for other types of blogs besides WordPress as well as straight RSS to Twitter recipes.




9. When I’m notified about a new Twitter follower, tweet them a welcome message

Gmail and HootSuite users can use this automation to greet new followers on Twitter.  This recipe will automatically access the Gmail email mentioning your new follower and will create a tweet via HootSuite with a thanks message that you customize.



10. If I Pin a Photo on Pinterest, post the photo to Facebook

If you’re using the Pinterest, digital pinboard application, you can automatically post the same photos to Facebook as you pin to Pinterest by following this recipe.