10 Super Creative Types of Business Cards

Whether you’re a recent graduate or have been working in your field for years, one of the best ways to be remembered at networking events is by your business card. They can leave a lasting impression – or none at all. I have been creating tiny business cards from Moo.com for years. They allow you to create 2-sided glossy photo cards with your contact information in minutes and they always get a comment from whomever I hand them to. Many people think that you’re limited to carrying only the business cards that your company or organization prints for you, but that’s just not so. Nowadays, many people are branding themselves as individuals, as well as the place that they are currently working at. So why not create your own business cards that express who you are as a professional and individual? Here are some very creative cards that are guaranteed to inspire you:


1) Pop-Up Business Cards

I love this idea of a pop-up business card combined with a photo portrait of the creator. It adds a fun surprise that you don’t find with regular business cards and also makes the card holder memorable because their face is on the card. Each time I return from a conference or major event I have a pile of business cards that were handed to me and I have to try and jog my memory as to which person each belongs to, however I would have little difficulty with these creative cards!

2) iPhone Cards

This is genius! A business card that looks like an iphone’s interface is a great idea, it’s at once familiar to many people and also very unique. I can think of other interfaces that would also be great for business cards as well such as software programs, game systems, etc., depending on the field.

3) Foldable Business Cards

These foldable cards are for a manufacturer of self-assembly furniture from Brazil. What a fantastic idea that’s right on-point with their business – to create a card that can be folded into a chair. I can think of some librarian applications for this type of card – perhaps one that folds into a book or bookshelf?

4) Interactive Business Cards

These incredibly creative cards are just brilliant. What a great idea for a yoga instructor to have cards that truly convey what they do, and contacts are guaranteed not to lose this card – it’s one to remember!

5) Clever Business Cards

Everyone knows what Google looks like by now, and similarly, the suggested spelling results it provides, so this business card is a great way to play off of that. The result is that the creator of this card looks very clever and creative as well as knowledgeable about the Web. I think that this style of card would work for many different fields besides printing.

6) Multi-Purpose Business Cards

Why not create a business card that is actually an object that people can use? I can see educators and librarians creating bookmarks, tiny notepads, etc.

7) 3D Business Cards

These inspired shuriken-shaped business cards let people know they are “killing the ordinary”. Great message and a great shape for a card!

8) DIY Business Cards

What a great idea for an artist’s business card! This nifty design allows receivers of the card to set up a tiny easel displaying the work of the creator. Fantastic idea!

9) Hidden Surprise Cards

I’ve seen a few of this type of business card that hide some message or contact info inside of the card, but I think this one outdoes those by providing something useful and fun inside. People can immediately use the 3D glasses to read the front of the card, but then also have them for the future as well.

10) Edible Business Cards

This would be my favorite business card to receive at a networking event, but it would not last long!! The folks at The Bombay Bakery have created the perfect business card to tout their wares.


And for even more, check out Cardview.net for business card inspiration!