10 Productivity Guides to Inspire You

This is the time of year when we start to waver on those New Year’s resolutions and tend to stop being as productive and organized. But here are 10 top-notch guides guaranteed to snap you out of your productivity rut.

1) Use Lego Bricks to Ration Your Time and Stay Productive | Lifehacker


2) The Ultimate Guide to Personal Productivity | HuffPost Blog


3) The Zen productivity guide: tools and tips for distraction-free work | PC World


4) The Theodore Roosevelt Guide To Productivity | CollegePlus


5) A Creative’s Brief Guide to Productivity | Inspirationfeed


6) Productivity Tools for Graduate Students | Georgia Tech Library


7) How We Work, 2014: Andy Orin’s Gear and Productivity Tips | Lifehacker


8) The night owl’s guide to productivity | Mid Day


9) The Digital Nomad’s Guide To Productivity | Taskworld


10) Why (and How) You Should Change Up Your Routine, Even if it’s Working | Lifehacker