10 Most Impressive Elementary School Libraries in the U.S.

Libraries are important places for early childhood education, offering young students a location to study, explore, and learn. Almost all libraries can be impressive to young minds, but there are some that go above and beyond the typical classification. These libraries are remarkable, whether it’s for their programs, construction, or forays into new media.

  1. Far Brook School: Shakespeare comes alive in the library of Far Brook. As young as nursery school, students study the works of Shakespeare to stage a new production every June.
  2. Clara Barton School: As part of the Robin Hood project in New York, Clara Barton was made over pro bono by architecture firms into a “L!brary” that kids can get excited about. Now, the library functions as the hub of the school, with bold colors, lighting, technology, and comfortable furniture and design.
  3. Tuckerman Elementary School: Tuckerman doesn’t seem to be an incredibly impressive library at first glance. However, the school library is remarkable in that it offers an online public access catalog, where students can search for books, even at home.
  4. Barack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary: This library has been rebranded as a media center/library, and it’s among the largest, with 40,000+ books in its collection.
  5. East Oakland Library: The Acorn Woodland Elementary school didn’t have a library, and students had to get their books from wheeled shelves in the hallways. But now, a community library has opened its doors to the students, even offering a dedicated entrance to the building. The library offers 30,000 books, DVDs, and CDs, as well as computer services and digital book copies.
  6. Broadmoor Elementary: Broadmoor Elementary benefited from the help of Target Volunteers and The Heart of America foundation with a school library makeover. The library received new books, technology, customized wall murals, reading corners, and more.
  7. Lincoln Avenue Elementary: Lincoln Avenue’s library is a place that supports pure imagination. With a new library and media center, this school benefits from great new learning resources.
  8. Richardsville Elementary School: Richardsville is part of the new trend of green facility design. This entire school, and the library it houses, are “net zero,” generating more energy than it consumes.
  9. Mather Elementary School: Mather Elementary school is another recipient of a makeover from Target. Not only did the library receive new art, technology, and books, but the students were able to take home 7 new books for their own reading collection.
  10. Edison Elementary School: This elementary library media center embraces the Internet, offering online research resources and more. The library offers a blog, contests, and more.