Public administration affects citizens, community groups, and government entities each and every day. Students who pursue public administration degrees will learn about community policies and programs and how to solve problems in government agencies, community groups, and nonprofit organizations. Students in this degree program enroll in introductory publication administration courses, such as political science, human resource management, non-profit management, mediation, labor law, information and data management, policy analysis, and more. Those who obtain degrees in public administration often go on to work in areas like environmental policy and social work. At the completion of their bachelor’s degree, students will be equipped with the tools it takes to succeed in an array of public administration careers.

Why a Bachelor’s Degree?

Government entities, community groups, and other public administration organizations help individuals across the country. Because of this fact, public administration employers, groups, nonprofits, and companies place heavy demands and expectations upon their employees. A strong educational foundation, such as a bachelor’s degree, is an efficient way to build up the credentials necessary to work in public administration careers. Some of the most common jobs students accept after completing bachelor’s degrees in public administration are as project directors, city directors, deputy directors, county commissioners, policy analysts, urban planners, social workers, and budget analysts. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), students usually need a master’s degree to work in urban planning. Budget analysts, on the other hand, are usually required to have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Getting Into a Bachelor’s Degree Program

At every school, the admissions process is a somewhat tedious undertaking of completing an application and writing essays to stand out among other applicants. Schools also require several basic prerequisites before applying to their programs, including:

  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • Desired ACT or SAT scores

Inside a Bachelor’s Degree Program

While completing their bachelor’s degree, students will be required to enroll in an array of courses that teach them about the demands, expectations, and needs of public administration careers. An undergraduate program in this discipline typically takes about four years to complete. In addition to finishing all of their required courses, students may also be expected to attain internships in order to gain firsthand public administration experience and make connections in the field.

A impressive number of college business degrees are now offered online. Online bachelors degree programs in public administration are unique in that students can complete their courses from the comfort of their own homes according to their own schedules. The ease and adaptability of online programs make them an attractive option to consider.

What’s Next for Bachelor’s Degree Holders?

Students who obtain an online bachelors degree in public administration often end up working as social workers, urban planners, social workers, and more. According to the BLS, urban planners make about $63,000 a year, with the top 10% earning more than $96,000 each year. Budget analysts make slightly more, averaging about $68,000 a year. Both urban planning and analysis careers are expected to experience a growth over the next few years.

Many public administration careers require employee candidates to have a master’s degree. Therefore, many undergraduates choose to further their public administration education by completing additional degrees. A master’s degree in public administration is useful for those who want to progress to higher-level management positions. Students who are interested in research or teaching are encouraged to consider a Ph.D. in public administration.