Businesses and corporations across the country rely on project managers to oversee and manage business operations. Those who study project management will learn about the tools needed to achieve specific goals in business. A master of project management is designed to train students how to lead and manage an array of professional industries. During their degree program, students will engage in the study of theories, methodologies, and techniques necessary to lead within diverse groups and organizations. Following the completion of their master’s degree program, students will be prepared for management opportunities across a spectrum of business disciplines.

Why a Master’s Degree?

Management is one of the most important resources in running successful businesses and corporations. To gain an expertise in management, individuals need to build a solid educational foundation. In a master’s program, students will research the planning, design, production, execution, monitoring, and closing elements needed to achieve effective project management. One of the most common careers students obtain after finishing a project management degree is in construction management. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), students need at least a bachelor’s degree to work as construction managers. The BLS emphasizes, however, that employers are placing heavier demands upon their employees due to the fact that construction processes have become increasingly more complex. Therefore, a master’s degree in project management is useful for those who want to advance in construction management.

Getting Into a Master’s Degree Program

While researching various schools, students will find that each program demands slightly different prerequisites from their applicants. Nearly all schools ask that the following basic qualifications be satisfied:

Inside a Master’s Degree Program

In a master’s degree program, students are required to choose a thesis topic to research over the course of their graduate studies. At the end of their master’s program, students are expected to defend their research findings in well-written thesis papers. Master’s students also work alongside professors and faculty to develop the skills and aptitudes they need to secure leadership positions in project management.

An online degree is ideal for students who juggle a number of obligations, such as full-time careers, family commitments, and unpredictable schedules. Class materials for online degrees are presented through virtual platforms, such as Blackboard or online college websites. The course, tests, and assignments featured in a project management degree are designed to prepare students for prosperous careers in the workplace.

What’s Next for Master’s Degree Holders?

Students who obtain a master of science in project management may be capable of finding jobs in a variety of fields, including construction, business, and engineering. According to the BLS, construction managers make close to $85,000 a year. The BLS also notes that employment of construction mangers is expected to grow 17% from 2010 to 2020, on par with the average of all occupations. Those who have an interest in postsecondary teaching and research are encouraged to look into a Ph.D. program in project management after completing a master’s degree.