Degree Levels Offered for Linguistics

Sample Free Open
Linguistics Courses

Media Course Start Date Professor School
023 full-course 23 Abnormal Language 2004-09-01 Fall 2004 Christopher Hirsch Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Enter the world of abnormal language and its theories and methods by examining how those with language impairments communicate.
026 full-course 26 Introduction to Linguistics 2005-03-01 Spring 2005 Suzanne Flynn Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Explore language, its structure, how and why it was created, similarities between languages, and more.
027 full-course 27 Introduction to Linguistics 2004-03-01 Spring 2004 Norvin W. Richard Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Examine various languages, how children learn language, and the like to understand the nature of language.
024 full-course 24 Language Acquisition 2001-09-01 Fall 2001 Ken Wexler Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Discover learning theories about language acquisition and development, including how one learns to develop sentence structure and more.
025 full-course 25 Language and Its Structure I: Phonology 2010-09-01 Fall 2010 Michael Kenstowicz Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Understand phonology as it applies to different languages and how to speak, write, and argue clearly and effectively.
021 full-course 21 Language and its Structure II: Syntax 2003-09-01 Fall 2003 David Pesetsky Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Examine syntax and study recent research on it as well as gain awareness of issues inherent in the discipline.
033 full-course 33 Language and its Structure III: Semantics and Pragmatics 2005-03-01 Spring 2005 Kai von Fintel Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Explore language through an understanding of two of its most important branches: semantics and pragmatics.
012 full-course 12 Language Processing 2004-09-01 Fall 2004 Edward Gibson Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Learn how people process language by examining sentence and discourse models in various forms of literature.
026 full-course 26 Psycholinguistics 2005-03-01 Spring 2005 Edward Gibson Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Delve deep into the world of linguistics and learn about speech processing, language structure, and much more.
011 full-course 11 Topics in Linguistics Theory 2003-03-01 Spring 2003 Kai von Fintel Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Explore sentence construction in order to better understand the meaning of assertions.

Accredited Online Linguistics Degrees

School Accepts Transfer Credits Freshmen Acceptance Rate Financial Aid Rate Graduation Rate
Keiser University-Ft. Lauderdale Yes N/A 87% 55%
George Washington University Yes 33% 67% 80%
Post University Yes 58% 89% 25%
Walden University Yes 100% 100% N/A
University of Southern California Yes 20% 73% 90%
University of San Francisco Yes 69% 77% 67%
Pepperdine University Yes 38% 81% 81%
Hope International University Yes 52% 100% 40%
Grand Canyon University Yes 32% 98% 31%
Brookline College-Phoenix Yes 100% 94% 65%
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Yes 52% 75% 79%
Northwestern Michigan College Yes 100% 77% 17%
Union County College Yes 100% 70% 9%
Vance-Granville Community College Yes N/A 84% 28%
Lamar State College-Orange Yes 100% 79% 22%
Laramie County Community College Yes N/A 83% 17%
ITT Technical Institute-Atlanta Yes 87% 89% N/A
Brigham Young University-Idaho Yes 99% 63% 61%
Metropolitan State University Yes 100% 92% 35%
Georgia Southwestern State University Yes N/A 90% 29%

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      • 67% Female
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    • 230 Doctoral Degrees in
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      • 60% Female