An international business doctoral program teaches students how to conduct useful, influential, and effective research in the global business industry. Throughout their degree program, students will learn how to teach, research, and conduct business in the global marketplace as postsecondary teachers, business professionals, and researchers. Though international business research delves into numerous business topics, some of the common research topics in international business include economic forces in international business, competitive differences by countries, global technology, supply chain management, market research, and more.

Why a Ph.D. Degree?

Ph.D. students usually end up working in teaching or research after completing their degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), university positions require individuals to have a Ph.D. under their belt. Unlike postsecondary teachers, management analysts are only required to have a bachelor’s degree. That being said, a growing number of employers are beginning to require management candidates to have at least a master’s degree.

Getting Into a Ph.D. Program

The requirements for admission into an international management degree program are different at each university. Some of the common requirements laid forth by doctoral applications include:

Inside a Ph.D. Degree Program

Full-time international business students usually complete a Ph.D. in five to six years. Many of the courses in international business PhD programs discuss topics in international sales, decision-making techniques in international businesses, legal issues in business, international finance, global supply chain management, and various other subjects. In a doctorate degree program, students are also required to complete thesis research and address potential solutions to modern challenges in international business. Student teaching is another integral part of completing a Ph.D. program.

In recent years, many colleges have begun adding online degrees to their curriculum. In online international business degrees, students will submit their assignments via online platforms or through online college websites. Since students are in charge of finishing their assignments in accordance with an array of deadlines, students who pursue this degree should be extremely organized and on top of their studies.

What’s Next for International Business Bachelor Degree Holders?

A Ph.D. degree qualifies students to apply for most related postsecondary teaching positions in community colleges and four-year universities. According to the BLS, those who work as postsecondary teachers earn about $62,000 a year. BLS research indicates that postsecondary teaching positions are expected to undergo an average growth over the 2010-2010 time period.

Those who don’t want to work as university professors or researchers should stick with pursuing a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree since a Ph.D. primarily prepares students for careers in academia. Most other job opportunities may be satisfied by lower-level degrees. A handful of doctoral students may find their expertise allows them to find jobs related to international business in the government sector.