Degree Levels Offered for Gender Diversity

Sample Free Open
Gender Diversity Courses

Media Course Start Date Professor School
014 full-course 14 Gender and Representation of Asian Women 2010-03-01 Spring 2010 Manduhai Buyandelger Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Examine history, culture, and gender as it relates to the view various cultures have on Asian women.
028 full-course 28 Intro to Sociology N/A N/A Harvey Molotch New York University (NYU)
Learn about the methods and research techniques sociologists use to study society.
012 full-course 12 Psychology of Gender 2003-03-01 Spring 2003 Phoebe Kazdin Schnitzer Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Comparatively analyze gender from a psychological perspective to better understand whether science, society, or another entity determine gender differences.
001 full-course 1 Technology and Gender in American History 2004-03-01 Spring 2004 Deborah Fitzgerald Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Gender politics and technology industry are the main topics of discussion in this class taught by Deborah Fitzgerald.
000 video The Politics of Educational Inequality 2013-03-01 Spring 2013 Lisa Bedolla University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)
This course observes how race, class, and gender affect a student's outcome in the U.S. public education system.
001 full-course 1 Traditions in American Concert Dance: Gender and Autobiography 2008-03-01 Spring 2008 Melissa Blanco Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
This course explains how the forms, context, and contents of world traditions in dance played in integral role in shaping American concert dance.

Accredited Online Gender Diversity Degrees

School Accepts Transfer Credits Freshmen Acceptance Rate Financial Aid Rate Graduation Rate
University of Phoenix-Idaho Campus Yes 100% 97% 9%
ITT Technical Institute-Phoenix West Yes 89% 80% N/A
Northern Essex Community College Yes 100% 71% 14%
Rivier University Yes 82% 100% 51%
Concordia University-Irvine Yes 69% 99% 52%
Harrison College-Columbus Yes 100% N/A N/A
Bethany College - Bethany Yes N/A 99% 48%
Angelina College Yes 100% 99% 14%
Southwest Skill Center-Campus of Estrella Mountain Community College Yes 100% 49% 93%
ITT Technical Institute-Waco Yes 86% 77% N/A
Palm Beach Atlantic University-West Palm Beach Yes 83% 100% 59%
Vincennes University Yes 100% 92% 23%
Citrus College Yes 100% 61% 25%
Harrison College-Terre Haute Yes 100% N/A N/A
Angelo State University Yes 90% 96% 31%
National American University-Ellsworth AFB Extension Yes 100% 67% N/A
Strayer University-Manassas Yes 100% N/A N/A
Briar Cliff University Yes N/A 99% 45%
Duke University Yes 14% 69% 95%
Strayer University-Florida Yes N/A 40% N/A

Gender Diversity at a Glance

Number of Degrees Conferred in Gender Diversity

    • 584 Bachelor's Degrees in
      Gender Diversity
      • 28% Male
      • 72% Female
    • 112 Master's Degrees in
      Gender Diversity
      • 29% Male
      • 71% Female
    • 17 Doctoral Degrees in
      Gender Diversity
      • 18% Male
      • 82% Female