Degree Levels Offered for Ethnomusicology

Sample Free Open
Ethnomusicology Courses

Media Course Start Date Professor School
012 video 12 Exploring the World of Music N/A N/A Learner
Learn and examine music from theoretical and cultural standpoints.
010 audio 10 Field Ethnomusicology N/A N/A Liberty University
Study various philosophical approaches to the practice of ethnomusicology.
001 full-course 1 Introduction to Music Theory N/A N/A Connexions
A course on basic concepts and terms of music theory, including interval, major and minor keys and scales, triads, chords, and an introduction to harmonic analysis.
023 full-course 23 Listening to Music N/A N/A Craig Wright Yale University
Take this course to develop your aural skills for a better understanding of Western music.
011 full-course 11 Music Perception and Cognition N/A NA Peter Cariani Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Through lectures and readings, you will learn about the areas of the brain involved in the aspects of musical perception and cognition.
000 full-course Music Theory N/A N/A Berklee College of Music
Learn to read, write, listen, and put theory into every-day practice. (Registration required.)
005 full-course 5 Music Theory and Creative Songwriting 2012-09-01 Fall 2012 University of Reddit
Students of this course learn about basic music theory and how it relates to the piano and guitar, as well as how to apply theory into songwriting.
000 full-course Producing Music with Reason N/A N/A Berklee College of Music
In this production course, learn how to use Reason's rack of virtual instruments, effects, mixers, built-in sequencer and patching system. (Registration required.)

Accredited Online Ethnomusicology Degrees

School Accepts Transfer Credits Freshmen Acceptance Rate Financial Aid Rate Graduation Rate
University of Phoenix-South Florida Campus Yes N/A 92% 15%
Everest University-Orange Park Yes 100% 100% 39%
Wilmington University Yes 100% 65% 36%
Freed-Hardeman University Yes 44% 99% 51%
Buena Vista University Yes 71% 100% 51%
West Virginia University Institute of Technology Yes N/A 94% 24%
Colorado Mountain College Yes 100% 64% 24%
Ridgewater College Yes 100% 87% 37%
ITT Technical Institute-Dayton Yes 73% 94% 27%
University of Phoenix-North Florida Campus Yes 100% 93% 19%
Globe University Minnesota School of Business-Blaine Yes 100% 100% N/A
American InterContinental University-Atlanta Yes 100% 91% 24%
Dordt College Yes N/A 100% 72%
Kaplan University-Lincoln Campus Yes 100% 83% 37%
Portland State University Yes 66% 78% 42%
Colorado Northwestern Community College Yes 100% 84% 27%
Everest University-Lakeland Yes 100% 100% 38%
Western International University Yes 100% 90% 3%
Alcorn State University Yes 47% 63% 32%
Wayland Baptist University Yes 99% 99% 36%

Ethnomusicology at a Glance

Number of Degrees Conferred in Ethnomusicology

    • 39 Bachelor's Degrees in
      • 49% Male
      • 51% Female
    • 66 Master's Degrees in
      • 30% Male
      • 70% Female
    • 51 Doctoral Degrees in
      • 49% Male
      • 51% Female