An education in English involves the study of the English language as a method of communication, as well as English literature and literary tradition. Ideal candidates to study English are interested in exploring history, language, literature, and western culture, and are looking to improve their writing, speaking, and communication skills for a wide variety of practical applications and career possibilities. Online English bachelor’s degrees provide a comprehensive overview of basic academic and communication skills, which can be used in a diverse range of fields, including PR, marketing, business, or journalism, among others. Students who complete a bachelor’s degree program should develop a deeper understanding of English and literature, as well as strengthen their reading comprehension and writing abilities.

Why a Bachelor’s Degree?

Students with an online bachelor’s degree in English are eligible for various entry-level positions in a wide range of careers. For most employers, a bachelor’s is the minimum requirement for positions in public relations management, media broadcasting, and technical writing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The skills gained from this four-year degree are highly desirable by employers because they demonstrate a comprehensive and adaptable skill set. Bachelor’s degree curriculum prepares students for a promising career involving their English studies but also offers general training that has limitless applications in the professional world.

Getting Into a Bachelor’s Degree Program

Through admissions details vary according to school, most bachelor’s programs have minimal entrance requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED, and minimum completed college credits (if applicable; varies by school)
  • English pre-requisite course requirements fulfilled (varies by school)
  • Minimum GPA (varies by school)
  • Writing sample, included with application (varies by school)
  • Application including statement of intent and/or application fees (as applicable, according to school)

Inside an English Bachelor’s Degree Program

The bachelor’s degree in English is a four-year program, typically comprised of around 60 course credit hours. Students complete a comprehensive curriculum of course work, including an introduction to the English discipline through literary research and world literature studies, required composition courses, and electives. Courses may cover topics such as English literature, American literary history, expository and persuasive writing, and the works of Shakespeare. To finish the online English bachelor’s, students are sometimes expected to create a capstone project or complete a senior-level writing workshop or seminar.

Bachelor’s degrees in English are widely available online. E-learners in this subject are able to receive course work that is nearly identical to on-campus courses, but the ease of access of an online program means students can complete assignments from anywhere, anytime. All communication between students and professors is done online through email, which further builds advanced writing skills for English students. The best online programs in this subject provide a basic foundation for English students through distance curriculum, allowing them to either enter into a career at the entry-level, or pursue a higher degree in this field.

What’s Next for English Bachelor’s Degree Holders?

p>Graduates of an English bachelor’s degree online have a myriad of options to guide the next step in terms of their career. Some jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for entry-level employment, including writers and authors, technical writers, and public relations managers and specialists. Technical writers, eligible to enter this field with a minimum of a bachelor’s in English, tend to earn a handsome wage in their profession, making an average annual salary of $69,035 in 2010, according to the BLS. English students are also well-suited to various positions in marketing, advertising, and business, as they have developed highly-advanced communication and language skills. Often, employers in fields like interpreting, translating, and editing also appreciate acute English education and experience.

p>Online English programs are available at the graduate level, as well. Students my wish to pursue a master’s program after completing their undergraduate studies if they are looking to start a career in a high-ranking PR management or advertising sales position. Working students may pursue a master’s in order to advance their current career standing or enhance job prospects. Obtaining a doctorate in English is necessary for those considering scholarly research, as well as those looking to become authors within the world of academia, or college professors.