Degree Levels Offered for Dental Assistant

Sample Free Open
Dental Assistant Courses

Media Course Start Date Professor School
000 full-course Examination of the Dental Patient 2012-09-01 Fall 2012 E. A. Nyarko University of Ghana
This course teaches students how to prepare for clinical dental examinations.
001 full-course 1 Medicine I 2006-03-01 Spring 2006 Kanchan Ganda, Joanne Brewer, Michael Kahn, Ronald J. Kulich, Kathryn Ragalis, and Michael Thompson Tufts University
Dental students learn basic medicine skills, as well as patient assessment information, symptoms of common diseases, how to perform and analyze laboratory tests, pharmacology, and how to write prescriptions.
072 full-course 72 Medicine II 2005-03-01 Spring 2005 Kanchan Ganda, Joanne Brewer, Geoffrey Wing-Lynn Chan, Jeffrey T. Cooper, Brian Downey, Robert A. Kalish, Raymond Lui, Arthur R. Rabson, Richard D. Siegel, and Hedy Smith Tufts University
Year two of a three year medical course, through special lectures and case study this section gives dental students a more thorough understanding of bodily systems pathology, emphasizing the oral cavity.
052 full-course 52 Medicine III: Hospital Clerkship Program 2006-03-01 Spring 2006 Kanchan Ganda, Joanne Brewer, Laura Castro, Geoffrey Wing-Lynn Chan, Jeffrey T. Cooper, Michael Monopoli, Michael Thompson, Marianne Dyke, and Cynthia A. Yered Mclaughlin Tufts University
The final course in this three-part series provides dental students with an understanding of the complex issues of the medically compromised patient, as well as the skills to manage patients in a dental setting.
000 full-course Placement of Orthodontic Separators 2012-09-01 Fall 2012 E. A. Nyarko University of Ghana
In this module, students learn how to place orthodontic separators.
024 full-course 24 Preclinical Complete Denture Prosthodontics 2006-03-01 Spring 2006 Tufts University
Students can learn about the clinical steps and laboratory procedures for dentures in this course from Tufts.
000 full-course Primary Impression for an Edentulous Patient 2012-09-01 Fall 2012 E. A. Nyarko University of Ghana
This module explains how to make a primary impression for an edentulous patient.
010 full-course 10 Special Care in Dentistry 2008-03-01 Spring 2008 John Morgan, Bonnie F. Zimble Tufts University
Through this course, dental students learn to address the dental needs of patients with developmental disabilities or mental, emotional, sensory and/or physical impairment.
000 full-course Teaching to Make a Difference: Initial Investigation of Early Students' Clinical Learning 2012-06-01 Summer 2012 Francis Adu-Ababio University of Michigan
In this course, the instructors examine how first-year dental students learn and explore educational possibilities.

Accredited Online Dental Assistant Degrees

School Accepts Transfer Credits Freshmen Acceptance Rate Financial Aid Rate Graduation Rate
Iowa Lakes Community College Yes 100% 85% 36%
The Art Institute of Houston Yes N/A 92% 43%
Lakeland College Yes 60% 99% 46%
University of Phoenix-Milwaukee Campus Yes 100% 96% 8%
Trine University Yes 72% 100% 52%
Southeast Missouri State University Yes 97% 93% 46%
Lamar Institute of Technology Yes 100% 78% 19%
Everest University-Tampa Yes 100% 98% 34%
Grantham University Yes 100% 100% N/A
ITT Technical Institute-San Diego Yes 89% 67% 29%
University of Washington-Bothell Campus Yes 74% 61% N/A
Central Michigan University Yes 69% 91% 57%
Arcadia University Yes 57% 100% 65%
Globe University Minnesota School of Business-Plymouth Yes 100% 100% 48%
Globe University-Sioux Falls Yes 100% 100% N/A
AIB College of Business Yes 73% 99% 59%
University of Phoenix-San Antonio Campus Yes N/A 100% 14%
ITT Technical Institute-Corona Yes 85% 89% N/A
The University of West Florida Yes 66% 24% 48%
Georgian Court University Yes 66% 100% 48%

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