Degree Levels Offered for Christian Studies

Sample Free Open
Christian Studies Courses

Media Course Start Date Professor School
013 full-course 13 12 Lessons in Christian Leadership N/A N/A Joe Wyrostek Udemy
A course on Christian leadership.
013 audio 13 American Christianity N/A N/A Liberty University
The beginnings of Christianity in America are the focus of this course, including the European background, colonial Christianity, and the first Great Awakening.
011 audio 11 Historical Jesus 2007-03-01 Spring 2007 Stanford University
Go beyond theology and study the history of Jesus of Nazareth in this course, contrasting what he actually said and did with what early Christians, including Paul and the Gospel writers, said he did.
026 full-course 26 Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature 2009-03-01 Spring 2009 Dale B. Martin Yale University
Professor Dale Martin's course shares a historical study of the origins of Christianity.
024 full-course 24 Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) 2006-09-01 Fall 2006 Christine Hayes Yale University
This course encompasses the study and interpretation of the Old Testament.
022 audio 22 Introductory Topics in Religious Studies 2009-09-01 Fall 2009 Niklaus Largier University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)
The introductory topics in religious study course examines the nature and history of mysticism through a study of Christian texts.
021 full-course 21 Jews and Christians Throughout History 2006-09-01 Fall 2006 Michael A. Signer University of Notre Dame
Study this course to find out about the historical interactions of Jews and Christians.
028 full-course 28 Latino Theology and Christian Tradition 2007-03-01 Spring 2007 Timothy Matovina University of Notre Dame
Latino Theology and Christian Tradition takes a look at the development of Latino religion and theology in the U.S., and the implications for Christian living.
000 full-course Why Study Orthodox Christianity? N/A N/A Mary Cunningham University of Nottingham
This is a discussion of the Christian churches of the East, known as 'the Orthodox'.

Accredited Online Christian Studies Degrees

School Accepts Transfer Credits Freshmen Acceptance Rate Financial Aid Rate Graduation Rate
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Yes 99% 95% 20%
Community College of Aurora Yes N/A 71% 15%
Danville Area Community College Yes 100% 84% 26%
Dominican College of Blauvelt Yes 69% 100% 42%
Kent State University at Trumbull Yes 100% 93% 23%
National American University-Austin Yes 100% 100% N/A
Bowie State University Yes 50% 92% 41%
ITT Technical Institute-Madison Yes 78% 89% N/A
Northeast Community College Yes 100% 89% 47%
ITT Technical Institute-Greenfield Yes 89% 88% 33%
Daymar College-Bellevue Yes N/A 97% 17%
Rasmussen College-Wausau Yes N/A N/A N/A
College America-Denver Yes 100% 13% 29%
Dowling College - Oakdale Yes 79% 94% 36%
Kent State University at Tuscarawas Yes 100% 91% 21%
Vatterott College-Sunset Hills Yes 100% 93% 57%
College of Southern Maryland Yes 100% 47% 11%
Cascadia Community College Yes 100% 36% 29%
ITT Technical Institute-Clive Yes 86% 90% N/A
Peru State College Yes 100% 87% 26%

Christian Studies at a Glance

Number of Degrees Conferred in Christian Studies

    • 345 Bachelor's Degrees in
      Christian Studies
      • 69% Male
      • 31% Female
    • 159 Master's Degrees in
      Christian Studies
      • 59% Male
      • 41% Female