With all the innovation, evolution, and excitement that’s taking place in the business world, an online certificate program in business administration is a good way to keep up. A business administration certificate is an ideal course of study for students and working professionals who have an interest in the business field. A business administration program teaches studentsĖ‡how businesses work toward common goals and objectives through the organization of employees and resources. Students who enroll in a certificate programs will take an array of courses to help round out their understanding of basic business principles, such as applied economics, financial management, and marketing. Because business involves a great deal of communication, ambition, and dedication, certificate students should excel in these attributes.

Types of Business Administration Certificates

Post-Doctoral Certificate

Students who graduate with a Ph.D. in business administration may choose to further their studies with a certificate in business administration. Post-secondary teaching positions are growing at an extraordinary rate, and certificates are beneficial to those who want to expand their understanding of this intriguing, evolving field. Students interested in leveraging their past education and professional experience may enroll in certificate programs to concentrate in a specific specialization, such as international business, marketing, or finance. Requirements for admission to business administration certificate programs vary, but here are some of the common requirements applicants should expect to see:

  • Doctorate degree in business administration or related subject
  • Desired doctorate GPA
  • Relevant work experience

Depending on the number of hours a student takes, a post-doctorate certificate in this subject can be completed in under a year. In fact, most post-doctorate certificates require students to complete no more than 15 hours of coursework, comprised of a few foundation courses followed by required core courses. Many students who enroll in post-doctorate studies choose to complete their business administration certificate online. An online certificate is similar to a traditional certificate, yet it is generally more flexible to each student’s lifestyle demands.

Certificate Vocational

Oftentimes, individuals who don’t want to commit themselves to a bachelor’s degree in business administration choose to enroll in a certificate program instead. Vocational certificates are a great way to get an overview of important business concepts without spending too much money or too much time in school. Vocational certificates in business administration have very few admission requirements, so they are ideal for students who want to cultivate or brush up on their business skills. Most certificates expect applicants to have the following before accepting them into a program:

  • High school diploma or its equivalent

Though the length of instruction will vary depending on the school, most students complete their certificate programs in under a year. What’s more, most students are able to complete their vocational courses through online classes. An online certificate is similar to a traditional certificate, yet it is generally more flexible to each student’s needs. Oftentimes, students decide to obtain a vocational certificate as opposed to an associate degree in business administration.

What’s Next for Certificate Holders?

Students who obtain a certificate in business administration are qualified for an array of business careers. Those enrolled in post-doctorate certificate programs can enter into positions as executives, CEOs, teachers, and researchers. Vocational students can also utilize their certificates to obtain entry-level and mid-level jobs in businesses and corporations.

Although a vocational certificate is a great way to start one’s business career, it is exceedingly difficult to move up the professional ladder without a formal degree from a college or university. That being said, it is wise for students to also consider a bachelor’s degree once they finish their vocational certificate studies. Keep in mind, formal college degrees often help students to move up quickly and efficiently in the workplace.