Degree Levels Offered for Addictions Counseling

Sample Free Open
Addictions Counseling Courses

Media Course Start Date Professor School
001 full-course 1 Collaborative Consultation and Larger Systems 2007-09-01 Fall 2007 Gonzalo Bacigalupe University of Massachusetts, Boston (UMass Boston)
Students in this course learn about how individuals and families interact with larger social systems and what methods are available to plan successfully counseling interventions. The course discusses outreach family therapy, collaborative health care, multi-systemic school interventions, organizational coaching, and more.
008 audio 8 Counseling Theories 2011-03-01 Spring 2011 Pat McDevitt DePaul University
Review counseling theories, from affective, non-directive approaches to cognitive and behavioral approaches.
019 full-course 19 Drugs: Addiction & Mental Disorders N/A N/A George Koob University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
This class discusses drugs that are used to treat both addictions and mental disorders.
010 full-course 10 Genetics N/A N/A Saylor
This course investigates the biology of human genetics and is divided into 10 units for course completion.
016 full-course 16 Genetics 2005-09-01 Fall 2005 Laurie Ann Demmer Tufts University
This genetics course discusses the application of genetic principles in the practice of medicine, with special attention paid to the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases.
035 full-course 35 Genetics 2004-09-01 Fall 2004 Chris Kaiser Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Undergraduates are introduced to the genetics' fundamentals, such as methods, biological mutation, and chromosome function.
010 audio 10 Health Communication and Advocacy N/A N/A Liberty University
In this course, students explore the use of counseling, public campaigns, social media, and political processes to perform health advocacy.
026 audio 26 Integration of Psychology and Theology N/A N/A Liberty University
In this course, students consider the implications of a Christian worldview for counseling and marriage and family practice.
013 full-course 13 Substance Abuse and the Family 2006-03-01 Spring 2006 Gonzalo Bacigalupe University of Massachusetts, Boston (UMass Boston)
Substance abuse and the family discusses how families who have members who are substance abusers function, as well as the resources available for helping these families.

Accredited Online Addictions Counseling Degrees

School Accepts Transfer Credits Freshmen Acceptance Rate Financial Aid Rate Graduation Rate
Sul Ross State University Yes N/A 90% 26%
Barton County Community College Yes 100% 84% 30%
Piedmont Community College Yes 100% 65% 51%
Everest Institute-Pittsburgh Yes 100% 99% 50%
Baker University Yes 84% 97% 55%
Everest University-Melbourne Yes 100% 98% 28%
Herzing University-Toledo Yes 73% 100% N/A
Midland University Yes 98% 100% 44%
Palo Alto University Yes N/A N/A N/A
West Georgia Technical College Yes 100% 96% 25%
Queens University of Charlotte Yes 53% 99% 52%
University of Houston-Clear Lake Yes 100% N/A N/A
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Yes 77% 81% 65%
Gannon University Yes 83% 99% 66%
Alexandria Technical & Community College Yes 100% 92% 52%
Oxford Graduate School Yes 100% N/A N/A
Columbus State University Yes 52% 88% 34%
Marygrove College Yes 45% 100% 22%
Randolph Community College Yes 100% 67% 19%
Eastern University Yes 67% 100% 66%

Addictions Counseling at a Glance

Number of Degrees Conferred in Addictions Counseling

    • 316 Bachelor's Degrees in
      Addictions Counseling
      • 26% Male
      • 74% Female
    • 386 Master's Degrees in
      Addictions Counseling
      • 30% Male
      • 70% Female