Psychiatric Technician at a Glance

Projected Job Growth

  • +0% Job Growth for
    Psychiatric Technician

  • 2013
  • 2023

Average Salary for Psychiatric Technician

  • $0 Annual Pay
    National Average
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    National Average

Best States for Psychiatric Technician

in 2011
Annual Salary
Hourly Pay
Massachusetts 8,340 $36,950 $18
Missouri 5,220 $24,660 $12
Montana 510 $25,710 $12

Becoming a Psychiatric Technician

Psychiatric technicians typically hold a postsecondary certificate and, if employed in Arkansas, California, Colorado, or Kansas, a state license. Voluntary certification is available for psychiatric technicians in the rest of the U.S. states through the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians. Psychiatric technicians with certification typically earn higher salaries and enjoy more opportunities for career advancement.

Psychiatric technician programs require applicants hold a high school degree or its equivalent. These programs are designed to prepare students for licensure in their respective state and can take anywhere from one semester to two years to complete. A sampling of classes you may take in psychiatric technician program, drawn from the course listings for Cypress College's psychiatric technician program, include the following:

  • Nursing Science
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Mental Disabilities

Psychiatric technicians should possess strong interpersonal skills along with a high degree of compassion and patience. Physical stamina is also required in order to move patients and remain standing for long periods of time. Once hired, psychiatric technicians will undergo a period of supervised on-the-job training. Training will include working alongside an experienced technician, attending workshops and lectures, and additional in-service training.