Psychology Careers at a Glance

Employment and Average Salary in Psychology Careers

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Number of Degrees in Psychology

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Job Boards

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College Navigator did not have acceptance rate figures for all of the colleges on our list. We did not, however, want to penalize those colleges without data.

  1. PsycCareers
    The APS Employment Network
    SIOP JobNet
    Social Psychology Network Job Posting Forum
    NASP Career Center
    New York State Psychological Association Career Center

Professional Organizations

  1. American Psychological Association

    American Psychological Association

    The APA is the largest professional organization for psychologists in the U.S., with more than 134,000 members representing clinicians, students, researchers, and more. The association also features 54 divisions dedicated to psychologists who practice certain …

  2. Association for Psychological Science

    Association for Psychological Science

    The APS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering the science of psychology and has about 24,500 members.

  3. American Academy of Clinical Psychology

    American Academy of Clinical Psychology

    The AACP is a membership association for psychologists who are board certified in clinical psychology by the American Board of Clinical Psychology.

  4. Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards

    Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards

    The ASPPB creates the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), a national exam which must be passed before a student can be issued a license to practice psychology in their state. They are also a great one-stop resource for state-by-state licensure …

  5. Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology

    Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology

    The SIOP is a membership organization for professionals, students, and educators who study how psychology can be applied in the workplace.

  6. Society for Personality and Social Psychology

    Society for Personality and Social Psychology

    The SPSP is dedicated to the advancement of research into "how people think, behave, feel, and interact." The society holds a summer school every two years to immerse students in new developments and research in social psychology.

  7. Association of Black Psychologists

    Association of Black Psychologists

    The ABP is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to psychologists of African descent and to developing programs that help solve problems in black communities.

  8. National Association of School Psychologists

    National Association of School Psychologists

    NASP is a membership organization for school psychologists, and provides advocacy, networking, and an annual convention for its members.

Calendar of Events

  1. other

    APA Clinician's Corner: The Heat of the Moment in Treatment: Mindful Management of Difficult Clients

    March 21: This workshop is designed to train acceptance and mindfulness-based strategies for managing more difficult clients.

  2. other

    Psychiatry Update 2014: Solving Clinical Challenges, Improving Patient Care

    March 27-29: This highly practical, educational meeting will offer 2½ days of clinically useful information and up to 18 CME credits.

  3. other

    2014 Spring Global Psychology Symposium

    April 4-5: The symposium will provide an opportunity for professionals from diverse fields to explore the global impact of psychology as a field of practice.

  4. conference

    Confronting Family and Community Violence: The Intersection of Law and Psychology

    May 1-3: Join discussions that focus on the issues related to the exposure fo children and families to violence in and around the home.

Social Networks

  1. Psychology

  2. Psychology

  3. Cyber Psychology

  4. Environmental Psychology

  5. School Psychology

  6. Developmental Psychology

  7. Industrial Organizational Psychology

  8. The Psychology Network

    The Psychology Network is a general psychology interest group available to psychology experts and those curious about psychology. The group has more than 46,800 members.

  9. SIOP - The Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology

    To join this group, you must be a member or associate member of the SIOP (includes student members and associates). The locked group is more than 14,000 members strong.

  10. Psychology Students Network

    The Psychology Students Network is an open and very active group where psychology students can network and share resources with one another. The group has nearly 9,000 members.

  11. Forensic Psychology

    This locked LinkedIn group is nearly 6,000 member strong and open to people who have a specific interest in forensic psychology.

  12. Social Psychology Group

    The Social Psychology group is a locked group where people can come together and discuss how social psychology impacts the way they do business.

  13. School Psychology

    This School Psychology group on LinkedIn is open to those who are employed in school psychology, school psychology students, or who otherwise have a demonstrated interest in the field. The group is described as active, with multiple discussions taking place among its more than 3,000 members

  14. Mental Health Network

    The Mental Health Network is not limited to psychologists, but includes people who are employed in other mental health careers as well. This locked group is very active, with two subgroups and more than 18,000 members.

  15. United States Mental Health Professionals

    This open group allows practitioners in numerous mental health fields to connect, with discussions ranging from frustrations in private practice, to commentary over recent news and issues in psychology

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Licensure Information

  1. Doctoral degree in psychology.

  2. Acquire one to two years of supervised professional experience.

  3. Pass a state-administered psychology licensing exam.

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