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  1. American Academy of Professional Coders
    Contexo Media
    American Medical Billing Association Job Board
    American Health Information Management Job Board

Professional Organizations

  1. American Health Information Management Association

    American Health Information Management Association

    AHIMA is a health information management professional organization that is committed to the professional development of its 67,000 members.

  2. American Academy of Professional Coders

    American Academy of Professional Coders

    The AAPC is a education and professional certification organization that serves more than 120,000 members worldwide.

  3. American Medical Billing Association

    American Medical Billing Association

    AMBA is a professional organization that provides networking opportunities and industry and regulatory eduction for its members.

  4. Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialists

    Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialists

    PAHCS is a membership organization that offers continuing education programs, training, certification, and access to webinars that help coders grow their skills.

  5. Healthcare Billing & Management Association

    Healthcare Billing & Management Association

    Established in 1993, the HBMA is a professional organization that promotes the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and compliant business practices in medical billing and coding.

Calendar of Events

  1. conference

    AAHAM ANI Conference 2013

    October 16-18, 2013: The ANI is attended by nearly 500 National members and over 75 exhibitors. Each year, the members of AAHAM come together to exchange ideas, renew old …

Social Networks

  1. Medical Billing & Coding Forum

    The Medical Billing & Coding Forum is a Linkedin group that allows members to post and respond to discussion topics and browse for jobs.

  2. Medical Billing & Coding Support

    This group allows members to ask each other questions, respond to discussion board posts, share ideas, and network.

  3. Medical Billing

    This Linkedin group gives its more than 5,700 members a place to share experiences and discuss current trends in the healthcare industry.

  4. Healthcare Billing and Coding Forum

    Members of this group can interact with other billing and coding professionals and view available jobs posted on Linkedin.

  5. Remote Medical Coding Professionals

    This group is an open networking forum for medical coding professionals who work remotely. Members can discuss the latest medical coding news and trends and remote coding opportunities.

  6. Medical Billing and Coding

    This community gives medical billers and coders a forum for discussion and networking.

  7. Medical Billing and Coding

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Licensure Information

  1. Earn an Associate Degree (recommended)

  2. Pay examination fee and submit an application

  3. Be a member of a medical billing and coding organization, such as AAPC.

  4. Have a certain amount of professional work experience.

  5. Pass the examination.

  6. Complete a set number of continuing education hours per year to maintain certification.

At a Glance

Projected Job Growth

  • +0% Job Growth for
    Medical Billing and Coding

  • 2013
  • 2023

Average Salary for Medical Billing and Coding

  • $0 Annual Pay
    National Average
  • $0 Hourly Pay
    National Average

Best States for Medical Billing and Coding

in 2011
Annual Salary
Hourly Pay
Arizona 5,300 $34,940 $17
Montana 1,180 $31,980 $15
South Dakota 1,000 $34,270 $16