Survey Researcher at a Glance

Projected Job Growth

  • +0% Job Growth for
    Survey Researcher

  • 2013
  • 2023

Average Salary for Survey Researcher

  • $0 Annual Pay
    National Average
  • $0 Hourly Pay
    National Average

Best States for Survey Researcher

in 2011
Annual Salary
Hourly Pay
Pennsylvania 2,970 $31,040 $15
District of Columbia 450 $73,980 $36
Idaho 300 $24,000 $12

Becoming a Survey Researcher

Schools typically offer on-campus and online certificates and master's degrees in survey methodology, but not bachelor's degrees. Survey researchers generally hold a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, psychology, or political science, and have completed undergraduate coursework that includes research methods, statistics, and survey design, research, and/or methodology. More technical and advanced survey researcher careers will require a master's or Ph.D.

Bachelor degree programs that include courses in marketing and statistics will benefit job candidates in this small and competitive field. But employers are likely to favor individuals with an advanced degree in survey research or methodology. A sampling of classes found in advanced degree programs in survey research or methodology include:

  • Introduction to probability
  • Data Collection
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Analysis of Complex Data

After a few years of work experience, survey researchers may decide to earn additional, professional certification to help further career opportunities and advancement. The Marketing Research Association offers the Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) for qualified survey researchers. In order to qualify for the certification exam, candidates must have at least three years of previous survey researcher experience and membership in a professional organization.