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Professional Organizations

  1. American College of Health Care Administration

    American College of Health Care Administration

    The American College of Health Care Administrators is a professional membership group that provides educational programming, professional certification, and career development opportunities for its members.

  2. American College of Health Care Executives

    American College of Health Care Executives

    The American College of Healthcare Executives is comprised of more than 40,000 international members who lead healthcare organizations ad systems. The ACHE is known for its career development and public policy programs, and is working to become the premier professional …

  3. American Organization of Nurse Executives

    American Organization of Nurse Executives

    This national organization provides leadership and professional development for nurses who design, facilitate, and manage care. The AONE is committed to advocacy and research that has advanced nursing practices, patient care, and public policy since 1967.

  4. Health Care Financial Management Association

    Health Care Financial Management Association

    The HFMA is a member organization dedicated to meeting the challenges of the modern healthcare environment through education, analysis, and guidance. The organization operates under the goals of defining, realizing, and advancing the financial management o f health …

  5. Health Care Information and Management Systems Society

    Health Care Information and Management Systems Society

    HIMSS is a not-for-profit organization focused on improving the quality of health care through information technology and management systems. The organization also leads global discussion on quality, safety, access, and cost-effectiveness of patient care.

  6. Medical Group Management Association

    Medical Group Management Association

    Newly merged with the American College of Medical Practice Executives, the MGMA-ACMPE is the leading association for professional administrators and other leaders within the health service industry. The association also sets standards for national certification …

  7. National Association of Health Service Executives

    National Association of Health Service Executives

    The National Assocation of Health Service Executives (NAHSE) is a non-profit association of Black health care executives. Its purpose is to promote participation of minority groups in the health field.


Calendar of Events

  1. conference

    ASHHRA 49th Annual Conference & Exposition

    September 28-October 1, 2013: The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration Conference in Washington, D.C.

  2. conference

    Medical Group Management Association

    October 6-9, 2013: This conference, held in San Diego, offers health service managers the opportunity to learn from and network with others in the industry.

  3. conference

    National Association of Health Services Executives

    October 16-18, 2013: Health care students and senior executives can equally benefit from this educational conference that will be held in Miami. Discussion topics include …

Social Networks

  1. American Academy of Medical Administrators

    The AAMA is an organization comprised of health care administrators from different disciplines and levels of management in the United States. The organization's LinkedIn group supports the AAMA's overall mission to "to advance excellence in healthcare leadership through individual relationships, multi-disciplinary interaction, practical business tools and active engagement."

  2. Medical Group Management Association

    Members of the MGMA LinkedIn organization are encouraged to network and share ideas. The group is designed to share valuable resources to the tens of thousands of medical professionals associated with the MGMA.

  3. nextHospital

    Health care administrators must realign medical facilities and systems to best leverage new technologies and information. This group is an excellent platform to discuss the ways in which health care is transforming.

  4. Locum Tenes Professionals

    Targeting a more overarching breadth of medical professionals, this group discusses and shares resources across disciplines. For health service managers, this group offers the opportunity to learn from peers and to gain insight from all perspectives in the industry.

  5. Fierce Healthcare

    With discussion topics ranging from patient experience to improving brand equity, Fierce Healthcare brings pointed, provocative discussion topics to the table. This group is much more of an information resource than a networking platform.

  6. Healthcare: Cost containment and administration

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Licensure Information

  1. Fulfill state educational requirements.

    Each state has different regulations for NHAs which are monitored by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards, or the NAB.

  2. Complete NHA licensing examination.

    Most health care administrators do not need professional licensure, but the one exception is the Nursing Home Administrator, who needs to pass the Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Examination in order to practice.

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