Kindergarten Teacher at a Glance

Projected Job Growth

  • +0% Job Growth for
    Kindergarten Teacher

  • 2013
  • 2023

Average Salary for Kindergarten Teacher

  • $0 Annual Pay
    National Average

Best States for Kindergarten Teacher

in 2011
Annual Salary
Hourly Pay
Tennessee 4,970 $45,500 N/A
Arkansas 2,250 $44,520 N/A
New Mexico 1,520 $46,070 N/A

Becoming a Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten teacher jobs require candidates to have at least a bachelor's degree. For public schools, state certification or licensure is mandatory, though private schools will still usually prefer this as well. Specific requirements will vary by state, but usually you will need a bachelor's degree from an accredited school, approved supervised teaching practice, and sufficient scores on a written exam.

Prospective kindergarten teachers may major in early childhood education or a particular content area. Either way, they will learn a combination of teaching fundamentals and core content subjects. Below are a few examples of classes you might expect to complete in this type of program:

  • Child Development
  • Educational Psychology
  • Classroom Management
  • Child Health, Safety, and Nutrition

Once teachers earn their licensure, as outlined by the laws of their state, they are eligible to pursue teaching jobs in both public and private schools. However, many states require teachers to take continuing education classes to maintain their certification. This helps instructors stay informed on current issues in education, new technologies and teaching practices, and other relevant topics.