Adult Literacy and GED Teacher at a Glance

Projected Job Growth

  • +0% Job Growth for
    Adult Literacy and GED Teacher

  • 2013
  • 2023

Average Salary for Adult Literacy and GED Teacher

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    National Average
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Best States for Adult Literacy and GED Teacher

in 2011
Annual Salary
Hourly Pay
North Carolina 4,420 $47,810 $23
Washington 2,870 $48,100 $22
Mississippi 900 $31,890 $15

Becoming an Adult Literacy and GED Teacher

In order to pursue adult literacy and GED teaching careers you will need to have at least a bachelor's degree and appropriate teacher certification. Certification requirements will depend on the state in which you live, but usually include the completion of an accredited bachelor's program and an approved teacher-training program. Some employers may even prefer to hire instructors who have a master's degree in adult literacy education. Graduate certificates are also commonly available in this area of study.

In addition to core general education courses required for all four-year degree programs, students will learn important concepts in curriculum development, teaching fundamentals, and educational evaluation. Students will then participate in practicum course work. This will allow them to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout the program in an actual classroom under the supervision of an experienced instructor. Below are some courses you might expect from this type of program:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Adult Learning
  • Human Development
  • Teaching Fundamentals and Practice

After the completion of their degree and certification, adult literacy and GED teachers are frequently required to take continuing education courses. This ensures they stay up to date with industry practices and educational research. This may be required by the specific employer or by the state as a stipulation to maintain licensure.